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    Gap 180

    had a free day from the boys at Gap 180,arrived Sunday night eventually,Paul,Alan and Glyn,who run the set up teamed me up with Richard a syndicate member,who I must say tried his damdest to get me a shot,in fact I think he was more dissapointed than me when the shot did not happen,the German guests had a great time,fallow muntjac,loads of deer seen,loads of ground and high seats galore.The club house has some impressive heads and boar,food top notch,beer,logfire,cigars great bunch of guys with very dry sense of humour,in fact I am back again soon for another chance,where else would you get that,thanks Paul see you soon,

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    Been there a few times and always had a great time.

    Just as Tony describes, it would be a good place to arrange a weekends stalking to meet up.

    Prices are as good as you will get too.

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    I've only been the once, but they're a good bunch and the accommodation/facilities are spot on!

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    Gap180 have a great set up. The boss man Paul is on here occasionally, I have had a couple of great weekends there over the past few years. It must be the last place in the western world where you can smoke indoors. Bloody great.

    Alan has a GWP which is a complete sociopath.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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