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Thread: 2015 plans for the year ahead

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    2015 plans for the year ahead

    Well its a new year with new ambitions. What's everyone's plans for the year ahead on the shooting scene
    Mines is to get a few more of the UK species under my belt and possibly some smelly Billies. Would like to go for wild boar but we do them in my work so I can cross them off in a way
    What's other people on the forum got in mind

    Regards scott

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    I'm off to South Africa 27th Feb for 10 days shooting with some buddies, few days driven pheasant before end of season, stalking when I can fit that in and plenty of range time trying to sharpen up what little skill I have with the rifle!!

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    My only plan is to get out more and shoot some deer

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    Gonna get myself a drilling as apparently circa 5" groups are just fine for woodland roe.



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    I'd definitely like to try and grass my first deer. Put the theory into practice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Gonna get myself a drilling as apparently circa 5" groups are just fine for woodland roe.


    that's a daft reason to buy a drilling. There are many good ones though!

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    i myself will be chuffed to bits even if i accomplish one or two things out of the bloody hundreds i want to do,oh and another rifle! ssshhhh! dont tell the misses,cheers bigman atb doug,

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    I hope the missus doesnt read this and all my "true friends" on here wont tell her...

    Off to my first trip ever to the Scottish Highlands tomorrow morning, what a start...
    February some friends of here over for some highseating for deer, boar and hopefully mufflon.
    Then meeting a couple of friends and SD members on the game fair in Dortmund.
    Then another trip to the UK for munty, maybe my first UK fallow (last deer species missing on my list), and hopefully a chink.
    Really keen to return in May to Wayne D. for some funtastic roebuck stalking...?
    Early August some friends over to my place for a week on deer and boar.
    Late August or September an outdoor adventure to Norway for a Reindeer.
    ...and October another apoinment with some UK red stag and some Irish Sika...
    Just before our driven hunt season starts with another bunch of friends swapping around...
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    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Kill something with my bow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Kill something with my bow.
    You're certainly kicking off the year with some style and no-holds-barred honesty!

    Much respect Mr. Taff!


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