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Thread: *** gen 3 Add on with extras ***

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    *** gen 3 Add on with extras ***

    Its an ITT PVS-14 in single battery config. From what i know its got either an OMNI 4 or 5 non auto gating tube fitted.

    Field of View40
    Objective LensF/1.2
    Eyepiece Lens, mmEFL 26Min.
    Focusing Distance, cm25Min.
    Focusing Distance, in10
    Diopter Adjustment- 6 to + 2
    Battery1 AA
    Battery Life, hrsApprox. 50 hrs at room temperature
    Dimensions, in4.5 x 2 x 2.25
    Weight, g380Weight, oz13.5
    Operating Temperature, C- 51 to 49
    Storage Temperature, C- 51 to 85
    Resolution, lp64
    Brightness GainAdjustable from 25 to more than 3000 fL/fL
    Voltage requires, 1.5volts

    ITS PVS 14 GEN 3.

    well i have had it for just under 7 months and i have only used it 3 times on my mates 22.250. and since then its been in his cabinet until he got back today.
    I just can't seem to get to grips with NV gear and wearing glasses so i have opted to go for a new rifle. scope and loading gear, and this will help no end,
    total hours it has been in the field is about 3, and even then this is well over the real time its done, as i only scanned with it until i needed to take the shot,
    Stunning is not the word when you use gen 3, its surreal but great fun.I am no expert but even i know this is a great bit of kit.
    1, gen 3 add on (monocular) short range IR on board.
    2, head gear with chin strap.
    3, quick release unit to head gear attachment.
    4, various size pads for the head gear.(still packaged)
    5, a strap for the kit but i can't remember what its for.?
    6, front and rear lens covers (in the yellow containers) unused,
    7, ocular and fast eye focus.
    8, soft eye cup anti glare enhancer.
    All the gear is in near as dam it mint condition and working 100%, there is no DSA or illuminator as i have sold it to my mate Shaun for his gen 2 unit,
    there is one small spot on the lens at about 7 o'clock but when the DSA is fitted it has no effect on the units performance and has been there since i purchased the unit.(it also does not effect it when used as a spotter but what a waste)
    I am looking for 2.150, for all the items mentioned above and will include fully insured shipping to the UK mainland and Ireland.I have to buy a scope for the top of the new rifle so i would be looking to spend about 300/350 on that just to get me up and going so if you have a nice scope worth 300/350 we could do a deal with scope and hard cash

    there is a gent who has shown an interest (fox204) but he is away at this time, and i need the cash sharpish.
    i have sent him an e-mail explaing why i have posted this, so don't miss out it could be yours,

    thank you
    please feel free to ask any questions in a PM,
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    whats your best price just want the n/v unit not the other bits do you have the data sheet for it spot free pvs14 start from 2000 send me a pm please

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    pm sent

    sorry lads, i need to sell this as a job lot as when sold as seperaters the bits are no use to me at all.

    kind regards

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    the scope is on hold for a nice chap on another site.

    And as i have had lots of inquiries all other sales sites have been informed including this one.

    thank you


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    Sold as pending the normal.
    Thank you

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    Im keen on the lot if you could give me a shout next week as I'm not home until Sunday.
    phone me on 07979262368


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    Look at the date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULT View Post
    Look at the date.
    It's ok, he's a new member trying to up his post count


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