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Thread: Is Dougster still around? Or anyone else who makes slings?

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    Is Dougster still around? Or anyone else who makes slings?

    Hello everyone.

    Does anyone know if Dougster's still around? I'm looking for a sling for my drilling and his name sprang to mind. Alternately, does anyone else on here still make leather accessories?

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    Dougster is still about but looking to move house so not sure he's looking for work at the moment. Have you PMd him?

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    The last time I saw Dougster he was packing all his stuff up for the move up to the Highlands. Send him a PM PM & register your interest - He may be tempted to get his tools out for you - or wait & use some bailer twine till he is up & running again in his new home in a couple of months.


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    Thanks, I'll leave Dougster alone for now, he clearly has other fish to fry.

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    PM wouldn't a drilling be more suited to the old style canvas and rawhide thong slings that you knot straight on. I use one for my 500NE Know what I mean? can send a pic if wish


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    Might be worth speaking to Geoff Wood.

    Contact Geoff Wood -


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    How about one of these young pine marten
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