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Thread: Fallow?

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    Good evening,

    Thanks to several stalking providers on here and the generosity of some of the great people I have met, I have had the pleasure of stalking muntjac and roe - some paid for with hard earned, some by alcohol and others in kind.

    I wonder if anyone could recommend me a decent, honest stalking provider to go for my first fallow doe. I'm still learning, and trying for a different species will, I hope, add to my (albeit limited) experience. Happy if its on foot or in a highseat but someone to point me in the right direction is essential because as I say it will be my first. The outfits I have been out with so far don't offer Fallow.

    I am based in Lincolnshire, but more than happy to travel a reasonable distance. I have DSC1, a rifle, insurance, patience, bags of enthusiasm and a sense of humour.

    I'm not after a free ride, but I appreciate a pointer or two as to who to give my hard earned to.


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    Feel free to ring me. I have a number of Fallow to cull in W Sussex.

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    i wouldn't put your mobile on aopen forum buddy, or you will have all sorts of antis calling ya



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