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Thread: Webley Venom Custom Shop

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    Webley Venom Custom Shop

    Looking at a rifle rebarrelled by them.

    Any experience of their workmanship?

    I can resist everything, except temptation.

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    They were one of the best places to have air gun stuff done. . Venom were the leaders and when they disolved I thought one of them went to Webley, hence Venom/Webley custom shop.


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    I think it may have been Steve Pope but not 100% certain.
    I think they also used to do rimfire s as well as air rifles.


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    Thanks gents - doesnt sound like a resounding track record in CF then!
    I can resist everything, except temptation.

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    I think R Pope was part of them

    you could always call R Pope at swift precision which is his company

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    Mr Pope (I think its Richard - though don't know him) has a long history of making very fine shooting centerfire rifles.

    A few people on the GB F Class (open) team use him as their gunsmith, so he's still going strong, though only works as and when these days.

    Im pretty sure that if the rifle hasn't been abused, it will be good if the Venom (that was) had anything to do with it.

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    It is Richard at Precison rifles very good smith. He does work for some large gunshops and last time I visited him was making his own moderators. Steve Pope works for himself in between lye and Stourbridge. Richard and Steve are two different people and companies. Ivan Hancox and Dave Pope originally started Venom then merged with Webley then folded. Steve Pope is now on his own and ill post his trading name and possibly contact details later.

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    The Popes have nothing to do with the name Venom since 1995 when the original Popes merged with Webley n Scott as it was. Steve Pope still does custom work under his own name as above. This is straight from him.

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    Try this

    I still get Steve to overhaul my Laza-glide HW80 when it needs it.


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    Glad thats sorted out then, so the guy I was thinking about has nothing to do with Venom (or wbley), but produces excellent rifles (like many other people )

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