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Thread: Latest Toy Arrived

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    Latest Toy Arrived

    Bit my hand off to get in the drawer:


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    "Root wood" is as good as it gets for 11.95


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    nice and cheap but very pleasing i like that

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    I'll take a Zeiss Conquest in part ex and you can mail the balance to my pay-pal account if that helps??


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    if i got another blade to add to the collection of around 56 hand made blades + a box of mass folders ie, every day jobs she would skin me with it but tiz nice , also i'v just done me year end slush fund on a v8 that her indoors is yet to see
    so i'll bail coz i'am a coward and i hate doing the washing and shopping !!!

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    OK, if it's a "V8" I'll pay the postage but quick before I change my mind.

    Can't you suggest she digs deep on the 14th and puts something towards it rather than cluttering your den with flowers? Be a good day to break the news either ways!


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    bugger that i don't buy weeds if she wont's them she can get out there and grow em !!! them days of being mushy have well gone and past i even write in pencil now and rotate the cards every three year on her birthdays that way i am being a good guy and saving trees along the way when she moans i say of course i love dear you i eat your cooking don't i !!!

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