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Thread: parker hale rahs 4 rings and bases

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    parker hale rahs 4 rings and bases

    Help needed please, I have a set of original parker,hale rahs 4 rings and bases and I'm wanting to change them as I cant get correct eye relief with my scope as it wont come back far enough, any one know of bases and rings which will,fit? Thanks

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    I had the same problem with my Parker Hale I used Leupolds Mauser FN bases and Leupold extension rings
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    parker hale rings fit onto what is commonly referred to as "Weaver bases"

    this is a general dimension of 19-21mm dovetails
    as such any "weaver" base for a common centrefire dovetail will fit

    personally I am not a fan of bolt on dovetails and a decent set of bolt on intgrated bases look much nicer IMO

    Leupold, redfield etc all do them

    (although if eye relief is an issue a rail will allow you more adjustment over front ring position for short eye relief scopes...despite being ugly as sin!)

    same weaver/Parker hale rings will fit your current dovetails and the rail

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