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Thread: warthog tusks

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    warthog tusks

    Hi I'm going to South Africa on a cull package. I'd really like to bring home the tusks from a warthog if I'm fortunate enough to get one. Does anyone know if this will be a problem with customs etc and does anyone have any idea how to remove them.



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    You can't just bring them back through customs they have to go through the taxidermists and all that that entails (vets certs etc. etc.). Having gone down the trophy route once too often my advice would be don't bother it's too much hassle and expense.


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    The trackers will remove them for you and then just put them in your hold case.
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    As said above.

    Tell your PH what you want done with them. The trackers will boil the head and remove them, then just stick them in your hold luggage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shotguntom View Post
    As said above.

    Tell your PH what you want done with them. The trackers will boil the head and remove them, then just stick them in your hold luggage.
    it all depends on whether you are prepared for any risk/previous form with UK customs if they find them

    bottom line we can all bring stuff back, but you need to think

    1. If I get caught am I ok with the hassle with HMRC re future legit trophies I might want to bring back. Believe me they can cause chaos with perfectly legit stuff coming back in from anywhere - and ultimately you will pay all the vet and legal bills
    2. Re pigs they need a specific vet inspection at heathrow (or wherever you legally land them) because of possible introduction to UK of swine fever. up to you if your conscious allows you to circumvent that however tiny the risk

    If it was me (and I have been Africa 17 trips and 4 countries) I would stay legal - esp if intend going again


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    I have known dozens of guys brought them back in thier bags. Never a problem. But if there was whats the worst, just tell em to keep em. The amount of billtong I bring back would cause more epifits.

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    We all brought back a few sets each last year. Just well packed in checked luggage. Our PH advised that out of a few hundred clients who have done this he'd only ever known two people have them taken off them.

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