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  1. Available: Argentina Dove / Duck etc
  2. Available: Pheasant, partridge & woodcock
  3. Available: driven pheasant syndicate places
  4. Available: bargain day out phesant, partridge & woodcock
  5. Wanted: walked up days
  6. Available: Woodcock/Snipe Shooting
  7. Available: Pheasant partridge & woodcock single guns day 22nd October
  8. Available: phesant, partridge & woodcock UPDATED FINAL DATES
  9. Available: Rough Shooting
  10. Wanted: Walked Up Rough Shooting Days
  11. Wanted: Rabbit shooting
  12. Available: Guns available in pheasant shoot,Ayrshire
  13. Available: Quality wildfowling on the North Norfolk coast
  14. Wanted: ferreting
  15. Wanted: Lamping partner
  16. Wanted: Ferreting in sussex
  17. Available: Boundary days available
  18. Wanted: Seeking - Rabbit/Vermin permission North Hants
  19. Available: Help required lamping rabbits, must have BASC insurance, own gun and ammo.
  20. Available: Feedback on Dancoventry.
  21. Available: Ferreters Required.
  22. Wanted: fallow and muntjac stalking midlands
  23. Wanted: Beating.
  24. Wanted: Ratting Wanted- Central Scotland
  25. Available: Spelling?
  26. Swap: Mountain Goat shooting
  27. Available: Syndicate members for 2011/12 season Norfolk
  28. Wanted: Fox/vermin shooting central scotland.
  29. Wanted: Terrier Required for 1 nights work........hopefully!!!
  30. Wanted: vermin control
  31. Wanted: beating
  32. Wanted: Rough/Game Shooting Nr Fort William in Oct
  33. Available: Moose hunt
  34. Wanted: Fox and vermin
  35. Available: Pheasant & duck shoot in northumberland
  36. Wanted: vermin control
  37. Available: Rough Shoot/Stalking Syndicate - Inverness area - possible vacancies 2011-2012
  38. Available: lamping. sandbach congleton area.
  39. Wanted: Shooting
  40. Wanted: woodpigeon shooting
  41. Wanted: Pigeon shooting
  42. Available: Rough shooting in Herefordshire
  43. Available: Driven shooting in Herefordshire
  44. Swap: Interested in shooting a Sika or chinese water deer
  45. Wanted: pigeon,rabbit,owt
  46. Wanted: Essex/Suffolk/Herts Ranges?
  47. Available: free lamping outings
  48. Wanted: Pigeon shooting
  49. Available: Pheasant syndicate.
  50. Swap: 2 days walked up grouse and driven pheasant
  51. Available: Flyfishing For Pike
  52. Wanted: Tuna and / Marlin off Majorca??
  53. Available: Pheasant shooting in essex
  54. Wanted: in north lancashire or cumbria
  55. Available: rough shooting snipe and woodcock
  56. Wanted: partridges wanted
  57. Wanted: Mouflon & Blackbuck.
  58. Available: Lamping in Central Scotland.
  59. Swap: beating for pest shooting in northumberland
  60. Wanted: new shooting partner
  61. Available: Driven Pheasant Synidicate places
  62. Available: Pheasant, Partridge and Duck shooting this year
  63. Available: Driven Pheasant, Partridge & Ducks, odd guns on let days available
  64. Wanted: rabbits,pigeons or anything
  65. Wanted: Syndicate Place wanted - Northumberland?
  66. Swap: rough shoot day woodcock and pheasants
  67. Wanted: Rabbit / vermin Dorset
  68. Available: Pigeon shooting around England
  69. Swap: Wildfowling North Norfolk Coast.
  70. Wanted: Full day for 8 guns - Northumberland
  71. Swap: Duck/rough shooting Exeter Swop
  72. Wanted: argentina dove shooting
  73. Wanted: Duck Flighting in Sussex or Surry
  74. Wanted: Goat stalking
  75. Wanted: Flight Pond
  76. Available: Hunting help!
  77. Wanted: Shooting buddy in galloway
  78. Wanted: Goose Shooting
  79. Wanted: some nights out to gain experience
  80. Wanted: Beating
  81. Wanted: beaters perthshire
  82. Available: Driven pheasant shoot in the Scottish Borders
  83. Available: Pheasent Shooting in Devon
  84. Available: Beating
  85. Wanted: Pike Fishing
  86. Wanted: wanted 50 bird rough shooting day for team of guns
  87. Available: Myself for some beating
  88. Swap: Odd Jobs/beating for Pest Control (Rabbits/Fox/Pigeon) Warks, Northants or Nth Oxon
  89. Available: Lamping partner
  90. Wanted: Wanted 4/10 with full shroud
  91. Available: Rough shooting Day December 3rd
  92. Wanted: Walked up shoot, S or SE region
  93. Available: 9 guns Available for a 100 bird day
  94. Swap: Driven Pheasant Shooting swap for Venison
  95. Available: Fox - Rabbit Lamping
  96. Swap: help for any shooting
  97. Wanted: Any bird shooting around north Yorkshire
  98. Available: Rimfire outing
  99. Wanted: Pigeon Shooting Bath/Chippenham Area
  100. Available: Pheasant Syndicate Vacancy
  101. Wanted: Rough shoot / friendly syndicate place wanted - 2012/13
  102. Wanted: looking for syndicate Inverness/Aberdeen area
  103. Wanted: wildfowl, rough shoot or deer syndicate?
  104. Available: Pheasant syndicate vacancies available, J37 M6
  105. Wanted: syndicate
  106. Wanted: Rifle Range
  107. Available: Cottages, Caravans and Fishing in North Yorkshire
  108. Available: Pheasant shooting syndicate - Near Carnoustie, Scotland
  109. Wanted: Ferreting Permission in Clayton-le-woods, Brinscal area.
  110. Wanted: Pheasant syndicate Doncaster/Yorks area
  111. Wanted: Summer Walk about
  112. Available: days ferreting in peterborough
  113. Available: Pheasant Shooting Syndicate - Near Carnoustie, Scotland
  114. Available: shooting cinema in denmark
  115. Available: 2 Guns available.
  116. Wanted: Pheasant syndicate place wanted in and around North Yorkshire
  117. Available: Lamping Partner!!
  118. Wanted: Pheasant shoot in West Sussex
  119. Available: phesant/partridge days
  120. Wanted: Rough shooting Lancashire
  121. Available: Short Notice Exploratory trip to South Africa, Bird Shooting
  122. Swap: Sporting swap
  123. Wanted: anyone need a lamping partner or other general shooting ?
  124. Wanted: Shooting syndicate
  125. Available: Pheasant Shooting Syndicate near Inverness has Vacancies
  126. Available: pheasant shooting syndicate
  127. Wanted: shooting beating wiltshire
  128. Wanted: want to join a synidcate or rough shoot, either as a gun or as a beater.
  129. Available: pheasant shooting
  130. Wanted: Help
  131. Available: Self catering cottage on the Isle of Lewis - trout, salmon, shooting and stalking
  132. Wanted: Rabbit shooting
  133. Available: Cinema in Denmark with YDS
  134. Available: Game shooting syndicate
  135. Available: Rabbit and Fox reduction
  136. Wanted: Hampshire - Help you out with foxing/rabitting/etc etc. dont nec. want to shoot
  137. Swap: me for help
  138. Swap: labour in exchange for shooting
  139. Available: 120 Devon pheasants @ 29 pb
  140. Available: pheasant shooting
  141. Available: available Lamping /Rough Shooting in Lancashire
  142. Available: Coopar scotland
  143. Wanted: Syndicate plance sought in Cumbria
  144. Available: Shooting Syndicate - North Yorks (Scarborough/Whitby)
  145. Available: Full gun in Herefordshire Syndicate
  146. Available: Rough shooting 50 per gun south west scotland
  147. Available: Vacancies in DIY Pheasant Shoot in Derbyshire
  148. Available: bunny bash
  149. Wanted: Pigeon Shooting wanted (Herefordshire/Welsh Borders/Gloucestershire)
  150. Available: Cheap hunting in Bulgaria
  151. Swap: Rough shooting
  152. Wanted: Driven hare Shoot
  153. Wanted: Pest/Vermin/Varmint Control in and around the Bristol Area
  154. Available: Capercallie black grouse and ptarmigan in lapland
  155. Wanted: Rabbit and Rat shooting North East, Northumberland and Borders.
  156. Available: Self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis
  157. Available: African High Volume Doves
  158. Available: Spanish Monteria
  159. Wanted: Guided Pigeon Shooting.
  160. Swap: Guided and catered shore fishing trips around Southampton and local area
  161. Available: wanted a couple of pigeon shooters for tomorrow in the suffolk area
  162. Wanted: Advice on salmon/sea trout/trout fishing in Appin in early Sept
  163. Available: Small game in Bulgaria-Quails -380 Euro!
  164. Available: Hampshire driven Pheasant shoot - individual pegs
  165. Wanted: Vermin and Fox Shooting
  166. Wanted: Wildfowling
  167. Wanted: Wiltshire 4th september - lamping / meet up ?
  168. Wanted: Shooting Leicester
  169. Available: Decoying Notts
  170. Swap: Salmon fishing on the Tweed...
  171. Available: Pigeon shooting/ deer stalking day. Devon
  172. Available: Me for beating
  173. Available: Worlds Best Apprentice!
  174. Wanted: beating
  175. Wanted: Vermin/fox/deer shooting. (have 4x4will just drive and lamp for you!)
  176. Wanted: Duck/Pheasant Shooting
  177. Wanted: Rabbits /fox lamping
  178. Wanted: Duck Flighting
  179. Available: Accommodation for a fishing holiday in the Hebrides
  180. Wanted: Goose/duck
  181. Swap: Friendly Angus shoot swap day
  182. Wanted: Pheasant Syndicate advice please
  183. Available: 4 spaces available for a 150 driven pheasant shoot
  184. Wanted: Duckies
  185. Wanted: Rabbit/fox shooting, wilts, hants area
  186. Available: Small driven pheasant
  187. Wanted: fox lamping
  188. Swap: Moose Hunt in Finland for Deer Stalking in UK
  189. Available: rough shooting 100 per gun southwest scotland
  190. Wanted: bit of land for target practice and zeroing CF rifle near Edinburgh
  191. Wanted: Partridge shooting in Spain
  192. Wanted: Midweek Beating Wanted Kent Area
  193. Wanted: Ferreting ( Nortumberland, Borders, N. Yorks)
  194. Wanted: Pinkfeet flighting on East Coast.
  195. Wanted: Goose shooting in south west
  196. Available: Duck and Goose shooting Friday Evening
  197. Wanted: South wales Rough shooting .
  198. Wanted: Beating - Suffolk, Norfolk Border & surrounding area.
  199. Available: rough shooting from 50 per gun lockerbie
  200. Wanted: Bonchester Bridge area
  201. Available: Free pigeon shooting
  202. Wanted: Shooting Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire.
  203. Wanted: Duck Flighting/Wildfowling
  204. Available: Self catering in the perfect fishing destination
  205. Wanted: goose shooting aberdeen
  206. Wanted: Duck & Goose shooting Northumberland
  207. Wanted: pheasant shooting in northeast
  208. Wanted: pike fishing
  209. Wanted: Rough shooting/lamping - Angus/Fife/Perthshire
  210. Wanted: Foxing
  211. Wanted: Pigeon/Rough shooting
  212. Swap: Game shooting or stalking in exchange for foxing permission
  213. Wanted: beating
  214. Wanted: Pigeon Decoying in
  215. Swap: Rizzini E
  216. Wanted: Something to do on Boxing Day
  217. Wanted: Walked up grouse or similar
  218. Available: Driven Pheasant in Herefordshire
  219. Available: February 2013 Pigeon Roost Shooting
  220. Available: Driven practice in the CINEMA.
  221. Wanted: 100 meter range, West Dorset, tomorrow morning?!
  222. Wanted: Essex Virmin Control
  223. Available: Self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis
  224. Wanted: ferreting land/shot gun shooting
  225. Wanted: Rabbit shooting in kings lynn , Wisbech , peterbourgh area
  226. Available: Pegeon Shooting Leicestershire.
  227. Wanted: range to bed rifle in
  228. Available: Ratting in Dorset - any interest?
  229. Available: buddy wanted
  230. Wanted: wood pigeon shooting over decoys
  231. Available: Shooting & Fishing Fun Weekend.
  232. Available: days "FREE" pigeon shooting monday peterborough
  233. Available: pigeon shooting.peterborough
  234. Wanted: fox
  235. Available: roost shoot 15 14th feb peterbough
  236. Wanted: Duck pond
  237. Available: days decoying peterborough 25 sat 23rd
  238. Wanted: Contact details for 'Rat Pack' in Wilts/Glouc/Avon......
  239. Wanted: Rabbit/Pigeon Permission Wanted in Sussex
  240. Available: Friendly DIY Shooting Syndicate
  241. Available: days decoying over drillings/rape 2nd march cambridgeshire
  242. Available: pigeon decoying thursday need 2 guns to cover few fields
  243. Swap: Swap - Shooting, Fishing, Stalking, Everything!
  244. Wanted: Ground to shoot rabbits around the lothians or Peebles.
  245. Wanted: Rabbit shooting in Ayrshire
  246. Wanted: Rabbit & fox shooting wanted in scotland
  247. Wanted: Inverinian Estate Glen Lyon
  248. Available: pigeon decoying 9th march
  249. Available: Pheasant Syndicate Places - Kendal/Sedbergh
  250. Available: Pheasant Syndicate