View Full Version : Available: Warthog Cull (shoot as many as you want)

Bos en Dal Safaris
31-01-2016, 14:44
Hi All

On this package you will get 7 days full board accommodation
You can shoot as many warthogs as you want
At least two guns need to book together
Trophy animals or other cull animals may be added as per our normal price list

Booking price is 1000 per hunter, you can keep the tusks of the biggest warthog as a trophy!! All other tusks and the meat stays the property of Bos en Dal Safaris!!

Other animals you hunt can be exported!!

This is not a typical cull hunt in open fields or flat plains, you will be hunting them on foot!!

This is a fantastic way to get to Africa and experiance hunting like it was meant to be!!

all the best

31-01-2016, 19:06
Good offer! Warthogs are a lot of fun!

31-01-2016, 20:22
Good offer! Warthogs are a lot of fun!
+1 :thumb:

31-01-2016, 20:25
I know it's never garunteed but what sort of numbers could be expected, having never done Africa I have no idea if 1 would be a good result or 20...

Bos en Dal Safaris
31-01-2016, 21:28
In our area you can work on 1 or 2 a day!! It is still hunting though!! And as Shotguntom said they are realy good fun

05-02-2016, 19:06
Can I ask why you retain the tusks of all but one ?

Bos en Dal Safaris
05-02-2016, 22:03
Hi Grant

The hunter can take the biggest warthog as a trophy, then at least you have something to take back!! The other tusks get used localy in the fabrication of knife handles, bottle openers and so forth!!

Hope it makes sense?

All the best

05-02-2016, 22:15
Sounds great !
Some day...

What calibre do,you hunt them with ? Are they quite a hardy beast?


Bos en Dal Safaris
06-02-2016, 06:15
Warthogs can be a bit hardy, you get people shooting them with anything from a .22 to a 458! I would say to make sure you get good clean kills and to be fair to the animal, use from a 243, any 7mm or 30 cal and even 375, nothing bigger is necessary.

Warthogs makes for a good hunt

All the best

23-02-2016, 10:57
Would like details please very interested could you PM me with dates available etc etc.

Regards Redneck

27-02-2016, 21:30
So, Is the meat safe to eat in your area?

Bos en Dal Safaris
28-02-2016, 13:10
The meat is perfectly safe!! If i may ask why are you asking this?

28-02-2016, 17:50
Yes, I was informed that, in some areas of SA the meat is infected with a parasite that makes the Warthog meat dangerous to eat.

Bos en Dal Safaris
28-02-2016, 18:14
I have never heard of this, i know there is some areas where you are not allowed to remove warthog from that area but you can still eat the meat!! But in our area it is perfectly safe to eat and you can also transport the meat without any special permits!!
thanks for sharing

28-09-2016, 09:50
Did anybody do this hunt ? Looking for impressions on it. I am looking for a management hunt for next year. I hunted warthogs in Namibia a couple of years ago. It was great sport,managed to get more than 1 or 2 a day though.

Bos en Dal Safaris
28-09-2016, 11:36
Please see the write up of one of the clients who did the hunt!!



all the best

28-09-2016, 11:55
I was out with Gerrit this year and had a fantastic experience hopefully he will be seeing me in 2017.

Will PM you just shortly Gerrit with some dates etc.

Bos en Dal Safaris
29-09-2016, 21:11
Looking forward my friend!! Keep well. Regards to the Misses