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11-10-2010, 17:12
I suppose someone needs to tell the truth of the week, so it might as well be me. Allow me to set the scene, Malcolm and Terry along with Robin, well they needed a butler, had been at the manse for a week with American clients, who incidentally were two of the nicest people that you could wish to meet. Robin was very taken with Martha and was if truth be told more than a little smitten. It was truly pathetic to see how a below stairs member of the household was attempting to elevate himself above his station, still try he did. Alas to no avail, it was me that took this Lady out to lunch, me that showed her the sights, me that sat next to her at our evening meal, he of course was true to his working class roots and was jealous, such a pity.

Anyway we had been joined by Wadas and Andy, he Andy by the way had a very good week and was promoted Senior Guide, by virtue of the fact that he got his “clients” onto more deer than his more experienced associate. Anyway there all six of us sat awaiting the sound of vehicles as the crew arrived for the week. We knew that they were all meeting in Inverness at 2.00 pm to sort the shopping for the week, so we anticipated they should be with us by 5.00 pm that evening. So there we sat, and sat, and waited and sat some more, 5.00 pm came and went, darkness fell and it was getting late into the evening. It got so late that Robin went and turned down the beds and laid out Malcolm’s nightshirt, the loden green one with matching nightcap if memory serves. Eventually they all arrived, it turned out that they had been waiting for Selena and Simon who were having difficulty with their timetable. Travelling by tandem did not help and it was only by good luck they made it in the time they did. Apparently Simon had got his braces tangled up in the wing mirror of a passing articulated truck that was en route to Inverness so they were able to make up time.

All this did not matter they had arrived safe and well and all was good. We did wonder why they did not phone ahead but it seems this job had been left to David, but this now brings us to the matter of his phone battery. On this subject I shall say nothing other than you get what you pay for, and he paid a fiver for his new battery.

We had been expecting six people to join us but it looked as if Stuart’s mate Ken had stowed away in the ice cream van that Stuart had towed up, he maintained it was a quad with a windscreen and canopy, complete with orange revolving light, but the jury is still out on that one.

The next morning saw everyone refreshed and keen to get on with matters, this meant target time when everybody gets to prove that they cane get the barrel to face the same way as their eyes. I am happy to report that everyone managed to prove the anatomical correctness of their bodies, despite having a stiff breeze to contend with. All this left was the anticipation for the evening hunt, which meant in true Highland tradition the breeze turned into a gale and was accompanied by solid rods of water which we like to call rain. The next day although dry was equally windy and did not bode well for being out on the hill. I shall not dwell on the stalks as the people involved will no doubt do that. Suffice to say that the weather improved as did the stalking.

I shall instead show you a few photographs of the week and what they represent as far as I can recall.

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank all those that came for the way in which they committed themselves to the week and made it the thoroughly enjoyable experience that it was. I would also like to thank Wadas, Andy, Terry and Robin for their contribution in ensuring that people got on deer and were able in a good few cases to score their first, stag, Sika whatever. I suppose I should thank all the site members as well, because for a week the site was virtually unsupervised with Malcolm, Alex and I being off enjoying ourselves, and still it survives.

This is from the first week with Terry and Malcolm sharing a moment - you had to be there

Then the guides wanted to check zero on their rifles, Andy first being mentored by Wadas


Then Wadas being coached by Andy and Robin


This what Andy thought of Wadas shooting skills


Then he passed a critics comment, he was very fluid in his views


All this did was to make Wadas laugh


I found watching the children playing quite tiring


Then they went and left me to supervise Robin


All this activity made Andy hungry, hungry enough to eat a minging fox apparently


but Wadas had already beaten him to it


Then Wadas went on to describe how straight he wished he could shoot.


I shall put some more on later.

John :D:D

11-10-2010, 17:46
:rofl: Thanks John, that was bloody hilarious reading that mate, and those pics. You caught me mid bite on that apple strudel.

I wouldn`t mind Andy cocking his leg up against that fence too much but there was a bog about 15 paces away in the entrance of the cottage, it`s his working class routes showing through John, that`s the only thing i can think it is.:D:rofl:

Thanks for that mate.;)


11-10-2010, 18:31
Great pics John! :thumb:

Robin's Baden Powell hat definitely suits Wadas... perhaps we should have a whip round and get him one? :D

11-10-2010, 18:36
Wheres the picture of robins :twisted::rofl: cake

11-10-2010, 19:08
john i have got bloody tears running down my face sat here laughing :lol: brilliant mate, great company, great stalking, great friends, great food, and even better great p""s taking all week. still havnt got my disc him from yorkshire didnt give it to me. hed mither a nest of rats :rofl:

pheasant sniper 1
11-10-2010, 22:10
Hilarious mate.. :lol: :lol:

What a great time.. Great memories

Roll on the next one


12-10-2010, 08:03
When are you publishing the book John :D

13-10-2010, 13:27
Great write up John,
I am glad you noticed that they had to wear a proper hat to keep the sun out of their eyes, it will take a few weeks pocket money before they will be able to afford one for Wadas.I'm sure they do extra large.:D

13-10-2010, 15:06
Great write up John,
I am glad you noticed that they had to wear a proper hat to keep the sun out of their eyes, it will take a few weeks pocket money before they will be able to afford one for Wadas.I'm sure they do extra large.:D

Don`t worry, these kind of comments all go into the memory bank for future usage.


13-10-2010, 15:07

Will someone get a picture of the cake up already! :D


13-10-2010, 16:09
Thats what I was referring too Wadas, you have such a large memory bank,
mind you with the shine on Andy's head it's surprising it stayed on anyone else's .

13-10-2010, 16:31

Will someone get a picture of the cake up already! :D


I understand there is a photo or two for publication tomrrow :D


13-10-2010, 16:43
Ohhh this could be good for a laugh :D bitty!!!!!!!

13-10-2010, 16:45
I only hope it's after the watershed:shock::shock:
I know what delicate creatures some of these stalkers are, they may not be able to resist the temptation :cool:

pheasant sniper 1
13-10-2010, 16:49
Caaake , Caaaake , Caaaake ....

Its got to be done.... will hide the laptop from the kids