View Full Version : Available: Zambian Cull Hunt

27-01-2012, 22:40
Due to unforeseen circumstances I am unable to go out to Zambia with Shavesgreen in April.
I have paid 400 deposit,so if someone would like to pay the remainder (390) plus the airfare of approx 700 you are more than welcome to take my place.
I am not looking to get a refund as it is all down to me but there is no way I can get around it.
If you are genuinely interested please contact Charly on here.
I was one of the first to apply for going but am sick that I cannot make it.
The price of this is good value for money as my African hunts usually costs me around $6000.

pheasant sniper 1
29-01-2012, 13:33
Thats a shame Davie

Ive paid mine up and the air fair so looking forward to April


07-02-2012, 12:39
Pls explain the whole deal.

pheasant sniper 1
07-02-2012, 23:26
Pm Shavesgreen deerpath and im sure hed be happy to explain