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  1. So what have I been up to ?

    This is my first blog on here and I thought I would come on for a nosy to see what everyone else has been up to.

    Firstly I have been pretty active reviewing and testing all sorts of hunting equipment,

    Since the last time I have been on I have been competing in the States in Tennessee where I came 80th out of 360 at a precision rifle competition, could have and should have done better but I was against professionals that do this type of shooting day in day out as well ...
  2. From 0 to dsc2!

    So it's time for an update. Having received my dsc1 certificate it was time to get my dsc2 sorted. Few questions on here about who to go with I settled with the NGO. I sent all my details off to them with the paperwork they needed and there processing it as I speak so shouldn't be long!
    A check list of what ive sorted since last time
    Land to shoot on that holds deer-check (approx 1200 acres now)
    A rifle-check
    Something to get me there and back ...
  3. From 0 to dsc2!

    Well. Here goes my first blog. First, a bit about how I got in to it.
    I started out shooting many years ago with my old man at around 6 years old shooting air rifles and pistols in the garden at targets. At the age of 12 I got a job at a local fish farm. Whilst there i did some trapping (mink and rats) and bit of shooting. By 13 years old my dad bought me my first air rifle, my trusty smk in 22. From then on it was plinking with the occasional rat. About 3 months passed and when I'd got to ...
  4. bolt pouch

  5. recommended reading for novice stalker

    I would like to give a gift of a book(a beginners guide) to a novice stalker.Can any one recommend a suitable title covering all the basics please?
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