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    Cyclist killed by hunter. Take care people

    If this element of the tragedy must be debated by SD members it should surely be on a separate thread? Most Country's operate a legal system where one

    Klenchblaize Today, 10:32 Go to last post
    Big Mat

    vehicle and distance?

    I had a series 3 109, tons of room, I loved it but not the most practical.

    Then had a defender 90, not so much room but brilliant for what

    Big Mat Today, 10:32 Go to last post

    Sauer 202 opinions?

    To be clear. I don't mean the bolt as such getting jammed. I was refering to cartidges jamming up on feeding.

    Rider Today, 10:32 Go to last post
    old keeper

    Sauer 202 opinions?

    I've got a couple of 202 Elegance models, 223 and 243. Beautiful, accurate rifles that have worked perfectly for years. Never had a bolt problem.

    old keeper Today, 10:21 Go to last post

    Sauer 202 opinions?

    I have a 202 in 30-06 xt and love it.the rifle I should have bought years ago.
    Riders comment of there bolts jamming is a first for me as the bolt

    reiver Today, 10:21 Go to last post