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    LANTRA - Humane Dispatch Course

    Hushpower do make a moderated O/U 20 bore.

    I use a Hushpower Mossberg .410 pump action single, though previously bought a folding SBS El

    Alantoo Today, 11:41 Go to last post

    Left handed 308 or 30-06

    I've got 1" low & medium DNZ mounts for cheap if you need.

    I've got a LH T3 and i love it!

    takbok Today, 11:39 Go to last post
    dave thorniley

    snow - whats it like near you ?

    warringtons clear and sunny I,ve had worse case of dandruff than the snow that fell

    dave thorniley Today, 11:36 Go to last post

    Harkila Boots .. Are you happy with them?

    You sound just like UKMRSHOES who also didn't adhere to forum rules.

    TreeWorks Today, 11:34 Go to last post

    Left handed 308 or 30-06

    I've emailed for full details of the rifle. I'm abroad at work and my pal who is looking is busy dealing with a family matter.
    It is nice to hear

    Malxwal Today, 11:24 Go to last post