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    Thanks to Monmouth & District Rifle Club for hosting the event and to those members who helped out both on the day and in preparation for the week-end. No charge was made for the use of the range. I may be the club secretary but that is it, it is not my range it belongs to the members of the club who are only too happy to assist the SD in raising money for such a deserving cause. Particular praise should be given to Dave Barrel the club Chairman who like the Royal Engineers was first in and last out of the range on Sunday. Incidentally the H.Q. of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers is in Monmouth castle. Yes there are two royals in the title. Dave also roped his wife in to bake cakes for sale and took numerous fantastic photographs of the event some of which will be posted by CSL at a later time.

    Another Monmouth member is Macberran off this site. Gordon jumped straight in when we said we were going to run this shoot again and offered a Hebridean lamb for roasting, Gordon provided the pig for the hog roast last year. Gordon again involved his whole family with his good wife baking all the bread rolls herself. Once again Gordon offered that if anyone stayed at his holiday cottage and attended the shoot he would donate the accommodation fees to H4H. Just think of all the trouble and effort that Gordon and his family went to, and the expense also, a truly magnificent effort.

    First off the mark with regard to offering prizes for the prize draw was Roedinator with the offer of a day’s roe stalking on his ground in Somerset. Pete’s mate BenC immediately jumped in not wishing to be outdone, and also offered a day’s stalking but with several add ons depending on the ground and season. I’m not sure what the final details are of that one but I can tell you that both prizes are worth more than a couple of hundred pounds and are fine prizes for anyone interested in stalking in a beautiful part of the country. The first prize was won by Jagare who lives in Sweden, Alan being one of two people who live abroad and who bought tickets for the draw. The second prize was won by Gunner who was present at the shoot and was actually stood next to BenC when the ticket was drawn so introductions weren’t really necessary.

    Only fractionally slower off the mark as regards offering prizes for the draw was finnbear270, but there again the gout has kicked in and has slowed him down a bit of late. Steve overwhelmed me with numerous prizes, and at one stage I couldn’t update the list quick enough because I had other things to do besides. Steve also donated a Tirfor winch which we sold via sealed bids. There was a bit of a run on the bidding at one stage when someone misunderstood WENCH for WINCH but soon withdrew their bids. We shan’t mention the name of the excited party for fear of his wife finding out. Bandit Country also provided a very suitable prize for a stalking related prize draw in the form of a knife. I just hope that the necessary silver coin has been passed on in line with tradition, or bad luck will prevail.

    Just like last year Buckup in conjunction with Croaker organised commemorative t shirts that sold well with pre-ordered shirts available ready to wear on the day and orders taken for others. He also organised the London contingent for the shoot who decided to make a week-end of it camping over on Saturday night in spite of the rain. Sorry guys I forgot to arrange decent weather.

    The one group that I must thank most are the shooters all of which entered into the spirit of things and made this a very friendly and to my mind enjoyable get together for site members. Yes at times there was more than a little piss taking especially at the expense of Roedinaor who has taken more than a little teasing over his recent new membership of the “Blaser club”. When his brand new sound moderator blew apart with most of it landing 90 yards downrange in mid series just like a small baton round, you can imagine the sympathy and soothing words of concern expressed by all around him. It wasn’t helped when he won a sound moderator as a prize; no it wasn’t a set up -honestly Pete, it was just coincidence. My wife actually commented on what a nice group of guys (and girls) this event attracted with good humour and thoughtfulness and generosity from all.

    The good news and final line is that at the end of the day a total of £1,143.54 has been raised for Help for Heroes. Absolutely no costs or expenses have been taken out of the monies received and nor will any, as everything has been donated free of charge to the fund. The only thing that will be taken out of the event is enjoyment a great deal of satisfaction that there are friendly decent people out there and that every one of them is a shooter.
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    1. 8x57's Avatar
      8x57 -
      Since this account of the SD/H4H 2011 shoot was posted additional monies have been added and the sum raised for this event is just over £1,500.
    1. Glen Cadwallader's Avatar
      Glen Cadwallader -
      Looks like a fantastic event. Well done everyone
    1. jonevo's Avatar
      jonevo -
      Well done to everyone involved and congratulations on raising a good amount going to an excellent cause
    1. honeypig's Avatar
      honeypig -
      Sounds like a huge success! Congratulations! I'm a new member on this site and new to Stalking but I am also from Monmouth so sincerely hope this becomes an annual event because I would love to get involved / contribute in any way I can.
    1. Jemscudy's Avatar
      Jemscudy -
      Congratulatins to Mike and the club for a fun competition. I need more practise for next year for sure. Great event, great cause well done
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