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    Well guys the good news is that we raised around £915 for Help for Heroes so far, with a few more pledges and promised monies still to come in. My wife will be applying for charity matched giving from her employers who have a scheme that could just donate of up to an additional £500 if we are lucky, but letís not count our chickens just yet as regards that. The other good news is that as well as all the old reprobates we met a few more site members this year and they all met the required standard of being genuinely nice people so should fit in well with the rest of you.

    Just like the last two years most of us brought a sense of humour with us and it was as well the way that some of us shot (just joking). The banter is improving if not the shooting. That canít be said for Miffy as he took this event seriously and put in some excellent scores, the result is that the trophy is not returning to Somerset this year which I suppose is just as well because the two previous winners BenC and Roedinator were travelling together. They have quite a friendly rivalry going in respect of all shooting matters and I had the feeling that if one of them had won again there might have been a falling out and someone would be looking for bus fare home.

    I was particularly proud of the scores that my 12 year old daughter put in. She has been shooting for about six months now and her first card was a 90 her third a 93. Nerves got the better of her on the second card and she only scored in the seventies and was bitterly disappointed with that despite it being better than some of the more senior shooters. Incidentally it is a H.O. approved range and she is a club member so no problems with legality.

    Macberran did us proud once again on the catering front and I really canít thank him enough for that. I also canít thank him enough for donating the proceeds of the let on his holiday cottage this week-end which he donated to the cause. There are some people that throw themselves fully into a cause and Macberran not only does that but does so with his entire family being volunteered also. Simply brilliant Macberran you and the family certainly deserve a very special mention in despatches at the very very least.

    The whole success of the event as far as raising funds for H4H goes relies heavily on the good will and generosity of site members and others. Those such as Roedinator who donated a day roe stalking as a prize, Limulus who donated a set of Quad Sticks, Teckel a knife set, Schultz bottles of wine and others who are named on my list which my GWP pup has just sneaked off the desk and eaten so please forgive me for not naming you all individually. Those are just the individuals that have donated prizes this year there are others who should not be forgotten that have donated previously and whose contributions have not been forgotten and are still much appreciated. I also must not forget to make special mention to the Sportsman Gun Centre in Newport who once again donated prizes for the event and who gave me a ticking off for not approaching them direct when organising this yearís event. They have been very supportive in the past and continue to do so and as a result should continue to receive our custom in the future.

    Disregarding the fund raising aspect this shoot continues to bring the site members closer together and is the one thing that has given me the greatest joy. Though I have to admit that by late yesterday afternoon my brain was cooked my spirit weakened and I was glad to pack all my gear in the car and toddle off home happy that it was over for another year and hadnít been an entire flop. I had to pass ďmy localĒ on the way home and was only too happy to stop to rehydrate with a shandy something that I intend to do again tonight after exercising the pup who has decided itís that time of the day.

    Hope to see you all again next year!

    P.S. Finnbear sort that bloody scope out, youíve ruined my targets with that darn .45-70, my wife reckons that you donít take this competition serious enough!
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    1. mrhim's Avatar
      mrhim -
      Cracking effort guys! Such a good cause...
    1. Robin john gera Hood's Avatar
      Robin john gera Hood -
      Sadly my son has PTSD as a result of all the conflicts he was involved in and I did my bit for this charity until I was the told their CEO is paid £117,000 a year which I think is obscene.
      I am still in the Reserves and do my charity work helping a small local Forces Organisation.


      Well you managed to make a first post to complain, but didn't bother to make an introduction as you would have been requested to do when you joined.

      Please do so. Thank you

    1. finnbear270's Avatar
      finnbear270 -
      Just saw the resurrection of this thread, a great read through, but made a bit of a lump in the throat too.
    1. EMcC's Avatar
      EMcC -
      [QUOTE=Robin john gera Hood;1307309]Sadly my son has PTSD as a result of all the conflicts he was involved in and I did my bit for this charity until I was the told their CEO is paid £117,000 a year which I think is obscene.I am still in the Reserves and do my charity work helping a small local Forces Organisation.RobinQUOTE]

      Robin, not only the CEO but his daughter and wife are also on mega bucks - not bad for an ex WO !
      I support SSAFA or ABF or in some cases the RBL now.
    1. basil's Avatar
      basil -
      Quote Originally Posted by Robin john gera Hood View Post
      Sadly my son has PTSD as a result of all the conflicts he was involved in and I did my bit for this charity until I was the told their CEO is paid £117,000 a year which I think is obscene.
      I am still in the Reserves and do my charity work helping a small local Forces Organisation.

      £117.000 isn`t alot compared to many CEO`s.
      In fact it`s a pittance compared to the nearly half a million that the woman that runs a university gets!
    1. EMcC's Avatar
      EMcC -
      John a university isn't a charity and H4H is.
      It also has a lot of volunteers so is almost self supporting and oozing with money now.
      The ABF and the RBL were the ones that helped me when I came out so they are the ones I support.
      I don't want to put anybody off supporting the H4H, each to his own I say, but from what I've seen of H4H I think they are now looking for places to use some of their money.
    1. 8x57's Avatar
      8x57 -
      Well I have held my piece for two days now but canít retain my annoyance any longer. A troll comes on the site, for that is what he must surely be as he doesnít even have the common courtesy to introduce himself first, and whose first and only post is to resurrect an ancient post and attack an organisation that has done a tremendous amount of good work. On top of that an established site member an ex-serviceman himself then joins in and proceeds to put the boot in. Shame on you Edi you disappoint me Sir Iíve always thought far better of you than that. Iím going to give you the benefit of the doubt however and say that perhaps you still fully accept the exposť published by a national newspaper that was printed some years ago. A story for which it was necessary for them to later print a retraction and public apology. (Infighting within an organisation, I wonder?)

      H4H may not be perfect but what charity organisation is? The other service charities have certainly not been without their critics in the past. It was because of the perceived short comings of some of these organisations that H4H came about in the first place. Perhaps the established charities at that time had become just a little bit settled or complacent and things needed shaking up a bit. Well H4H certainly livened things up and got things moving didnít they. Could be that they ruffled a few feathers of the old establishment at the time.
      I for one am certainly not going to criticise any of the other service charities such as the RBL because I know that they too have done wonderful work in the past, but most of all continue to do so.

      I wonít comment on the wages of the CEOís of any of these charities because I donít know what they are. If I was interested no doubt it would be a public record for all to see. I will say though that all these charities started out with the very best of intentions and through absolute necessity have had to adapt and become more business-like to the extent that they have effectively evolved into something more akin to a corporation than the simple naÔve organisations from which they started.

      The real annoying thing to me though, and the thing that has raised my hackles and makes my blood boil is the criticisms made in the last few days have been taken by me as a slap across the face of all the fabulous members of the stalking directory who have supported these events over the years. The supporters who have not only turned up for the shoots, have given so generously both in donations but also in time effort and even sweat and blood on occasion.

      lso slightly annoying is the derogatory reference to a WO (warrant officer). My father always used to say that the senior NCOs were the backbone of the British army, something that Iíve come to appreciate as absolutely spot on. The appalling track record of the Rupertís with organisations such as the NRA in the past bear witness to this and donít exactly endear me to the idea of a senior rank being necessary to run an organisation.
    1. JTO's Avatar
      JTO -
      When I made my will 10 years ago, the RBL and St Dunstans (blind veterans) figured in it. Recently, I have come into contact with a few people who get help from BLESMA, and am thinking of making a few changes.
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