• Classifieds, Housekeeping and Twitter!

    We have just completed a few odd jobs about the site to keep our members happy and to keep things running smoothly and looking tidy.

    Never let it be said we don't listen to our members because we do, sometimes!

    Site Header Image
    The observant amongst you may have noticed the site header image (the red stag rather poorly photoshopped onto a panoramic vista of the hills - ok I'm no graphic designer) has been replaced by a woodland image. It was about time we gave a nod to the lowland/woodland stalkers and anyway... we fancied a change. Luckily the new panoramic camera facility on the iPhone came to the rescue.

    Classified Section
    The Classifieds sections has been re-organised and split down into more sections. This was following complaints about the volume of adverts swamping the existing sections. Hopefully the new layout will improve things and make items easier to find. Initial feedback is looking favourable! The thread regarding this can be found here: Classifieds Makeover

    We are on Twitter. Those of you who know what that is, well done! Those who are staring blankly, ask your kids/grandkids to explain. Those who know what it is and are still staring blankly - yes, I know, but everyone else is doing it, so why not us? And besides, it is a good way to increase traffic to the site. Over on the right (Over there --->) you will see a link to our Twitter feed and latest 'Tweets'. Don't expect to be bombarded with frequent, witty insights... it's early days!

    (It will be my New Years resolution to try to get John and Malc to Tweet - Alex)
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      But a lot of "stuff" to wade through to find what you like.
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