• 2018 H4H Running Deer & Boar Shoot

    There will be a running deer & running boar shoot in aid of the H4H charity again this year, and once again it will be most generously hosted by the very good guys and girls of the British Sporting Rifle Club at Bisley. The date of the shoot is Saturday 23rd June 2018.

    Can anyone who is interested in attending this year's shoot please email 8x57 at sdshooth4h[at]gmail.com and he will email the details back to you.

    Please include your name and Stalking Directory user name in the email. Note that this is an email account set up just for this event and differs from his normal email address.

    Those that have attended previous shoots will on receiving the details find that there have been a couple of changes made regarding the use of shooting sticks etc. and that the entry/donation address is not the same as last year. So please don't simply rely upon last year's details, get a copy of this year's shoot details.

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