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    Accidental discharge

    That's not a bad claim to fame! I bet he can only walk in a straight line as his left limp cancels-out his right one though?


    Woodsmoke Today, 11:57 Go to last post

    Winchester mod 70 .243 full setup

    I have a Winchester MOD70 wood stock, with S&B 6X42, Apel one piece mounts, scope, bipod, sling, screwcut 14x1, low shot count less than 200 rounds

    goldypurple Today, 11:57 Go to last post

    Which are your go-to gunsmiths/retail stores?

    In person:
    - Emmett & Stone, Little Marlow
    - Atkin Grant & Lang, near St Albans

    Mail order:
    - Uttings
    - Swillington

    nicowilson Today, 11:56 Go to last post

    Using an AR 15 platform for stalking ?

    Agreed. And, your measured response shows just the qualities that sensible people recognise and admire in our police force. Guys like you keep us safe

    CarlW Today, 11:52 Go to last post

    Sako 75

    Wish I had a slot available for this on my ticket.
    Shooting a Tikka T3 6.5x55 r/h is ok but to have a pure l/h rifle would be the bees knees especially

    LuckyEddie Today, 11:51 Go to last post