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    FEO confused me thinks

    They do! I've always had very constructive and reasonable conversations with my local FEO, he is excellent. He's very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

    stubear Today, 07:48 Go to last post

    Couple of vermin questions

    As said above, rats are neophobic, so it'll take a while before they accept the new food source.

    Paddy_SP Today, 07:47 Go to last post

    FEO confused me thinks

    Yep, last one I had from GMP was great. He was a Police Firearms Officer who'd had a knee operation and was on "light duties" for a bit, so

    75 Today, 07:42 Go to last post

    More Trouble Heading This Way

    Loving it:

    "From my perspective, a majority fat-assed Britain sat on the couch, lapping up a chicken rapping on a KFC advert is far

    Klenchblaize Today, 07:39 Go to last post
    Red Dragon

    Labrador pups

    Sorry to say all did not go well for her, had two pups in the normal fashion and then was straining too much so down to the vet for a c section result

    Red Dragon Today, 07:35 Go to last post