DSC Level one- Sponsorship with SD

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Afternoon fellas,

I was going to start this blog a few weeks ago but with university I haven't managed to get around to it but here goes!

As the title suggests I am hugely lucky in being able to receive one of the sponsorship places. I will be sitting my DSC level one at Carlton Moor soonish however before this I will be using DSCTraining.org for one month kindly donated by Steve to get my self up to speed and hopefully help achieve that remarkable 100%

In terms of shooting I mainly shoot rabbits and foxes with the rifle although I do have Munties on my permission I thought it respectful to the animal to learn how to cull them in a way that is fast and efficient. In addition to the rifles I also shoot shotgun although not half as well! With this I mainly pigeon shoot and the odd but of claying saying that I do have a place on a driven shoot next year

Please check back and see how I'm getting on, any advice you can give me will be taken with a happy smiley face

ATB Tarkan
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  1. seanct's Avatar
    Good luck mate!
  2. pg2008's Avatar
    Youth we won't mention your last clay day...
  3. Tarkan's Avatar
    Dude I can't hit a bloody thing with the shotgun although when I went out with a couple of the k family the other day out shot one of them