Mock shooting test - Fail!!

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I borrowed my mate's 22-250 on Wed to have a bash at a mock shooting test, now I have the proper deer target from the BDS.

Put 3 shots into the 4" zero target ok prone after a slight zero adjustement, but forgot to take a pic!

Set up the target on a board and in position. Looks big close up!!

But it's a bit different from 100m away!!

Here's the Savage Model 110 22-250 I have on a borrowed condition with T8 mod. Bit of a heavy lump but is quite mild on the recoil front and shoots good groups with factory Federal rounds.

Now the nitty gritty!! It was proper windy and although I set the target up straight downwind, it was gusting and swirling a bit so was a little tricky. No excuse for the 1st shot though!!
1st 2 shots prone off a bipod at 100m, but the 1st shot for some reason went awol!! I mistakenly aimed a smidge high on the target anyway, momentarily forgetting the rifle is zero'd 1" high at 100yds, but the shot also seemed to fly high right. I knew it would be out of the aim point but carried on anyway. Next shot bang on the money!

2nd 2 shots off my small sticks at 70m from a sitting position, again all good.

Last 2 shots from 40m off the set of quad sticks kindly sent to me by Limulus. I have to say these are great and give such a stable shooting position, compared to normal sticks, it's unreal!

The result - A fail because of the 1st shot but I'm confident it won't happen again,


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  1. seanct's Avatar
    Well done all the same. Think I need to get practising too. My training manual turned up Friday so I'm into that at the minute.
  2. stratts's Avatar
    If you ring the BDS they will send the deer target and 1 A4 replacement sheet for about a fiver mate, instead of paying the high postage by ordering online!
  3. RickoShay's Avatar'll be easier on the day. Here's my assessment from DSC1 last weekend, "in is in" as they say. You'll be fine.

  4. RickoShay's Avatar
    For the written tests I did as you are doing, just kept attempting the bank of questions in the book. There are 287 of them for large game, got to the point where I was down to one or two I might be uncertain of - but basically as near to 100% to make me feel comfortable. The questions get very familiar, and what took me about 20 minutes for 50 to start with boiled down to about 7 in the exam, even after checking.

    As you do more of the Meat Hygiene tests you will come to realise they are mostly common sense, and once you know what to rule out, the answer is usually pretty obvious; in most cases, I simply 'knew the answer' having seen the question so many times before.

    Deer ID seemed to put most people in a flap, again sometimes you just 'know' what you are looking at and in others it's a question what does, and what doesn't the deer have (elimination to reduce the odds). Add them up and again the answer usually presents itself. There were no trick pictures, it's either one species of deer or another and sex is determined as easily too. Couple of us used our binos - it made a lot of difference!

    Best of luck and enjoy the course, thought it was great personally.
  5. stratts's Avatar
    Thanks for the info mate I'm getting there meself and can't wait for the course tbh. Should have been next week but it's now end of July!!