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Well the revision is underway and I am booked on the BASC course August 1st at the Wales HQ. my training manual has arrived and there is just a few pages left that's gone unread. I will be reading it twice or thrice before exam day. I haven't done a mock shooting test yet but its on my agenda. However I have passed the mock test on the DSCTraining website each time I have sat it. Never got 100% yet so there is alot of room for improvement.

Some of you may remember back in January wingy invited me for my first ever stalk. We've kept in touch and he's even manage to get me a place in a syndicate. Its June until June. Until my DSC1 comes through I'm not allowed to stalk unsupervised on that ground as its the grounds rules. I think that's fair and wingy has nominated himself as my mentor. To my appreciation. Thankyou!
I will obviously gain alot of information and experience stalking under someone who knows the ground and the game alot more than myself.

From here I applied for a .243 as its perfect for the shooting I will be doing which is Scottish roe on the syndicate and cull beast on paid stalks when funds allow. My feo has granted the slot for a .243 and sound mod and from here I purchased a steyr manlicher from the classifieds on this site. Thankfully my father has borrowed me the money.

Once I have paid him off I will be on the look out for a nice scope. The rifle comes with 30mm rings. I'm not sure whether to buy 25mm rings and put my .17hmrs scope on now and put a 27 year old tasco on my hmr. Or like I say wait and buy a new or new to me scope with a 30mm tube. There's not too much of a rush as we are not going stalking for a while.

One of my customers has bought a 10/22 and I gave him a spare mag I had when I owned one myself. I told him about my new purchase and he's since rang me back and said he doesn't have a .243 anymore and is giving/swapping me all his surplus ammo which is nice.

Things are coming together and I can't wait for 22nd June for my trip up to Colin on a paid stalk in solway. Which is my next chance out on the deer.

Happy shooting folks and stay safe.


Ps thankyou to all who put together the scholarship and every site member who has given me advice.

Good luck anyone who's going to be doing their dsc in the future.

​Thanks for reading.
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  1. Wingy's Avatar
    Sean, it was my pleasure, keep up the study, from your shooting of the foxes I've witnessed I know the shooting test will be like a walk in the park for you. If your worried we'll get back up to the woods before your test and I'll set a mock one up for you, just to put you at ease.
    Congratulations on your new purchase looks a lovely rifle, won't be long before that's christened I'm sure
    Speak soon Wingy
  2. seanct's Avatar
    Sounds like a plan Martin. A week and 2 days and I will be a member. I can't wait. Cheers,

  3. AN DU RU FOX's Avatar
    very well done to you sean, and also well done to wingy aka martin for helping you on the road to stalking, cheers doug, ps i know its a bit late but trawling around i read the blog cheers doug,
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