Busy busy busy!! Pull up a chair it's been a while!!

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Well I thought it about time to get blogging again as I've been proper busy this last month studying for the upcoming DSC!

I think I'm getting somewhere and have been reading a great book called Muntjac - Managing an alien species. Very informative and will be handy as it looks increasing likely that I will get permission from the farm manager where I regularly control the bunnies to start stalking the Munty's. I've had a trail cam out a couple of times and last night got a few pics of a Muntjac and a fawn, although the pics aren't great!

Also I've been busy spending my hard earned and acquired a Brno ZKK in .243 & .308 flavour. Had a bit of a mare with the .308 though as the safety catch got damaged by TNT and is currently being repaired at the gunsmith.

.243 with T8 mod

.308 (pre-damage!!)

I decided to try some Prvi Partisan rounds in the .243 just to get used to the rifle and wasn't expecting much. But to my great surprise and pleasure to the pocket, they group really well!! This was last night and ignore the rogue, that was a twitch on my part!!

Previous group with the original Hawke scope when I 1st got it!! Cushty!!

I've also acquired 2 Meopta 7x50 scopes which I like alot and tested one last night on the .243 by 'shooting the box' from 100yds. You should really do this on a bench rest to take out pilot error, but it wasn't too bad. Should ideally shoot 3 shot groups too but I was running low on rounds!! You take 3 shots at a target, then move 15 clicks right, shoot 3 shots at the same spot and see where they end up. 15 clicks up, same again, 15 clicks left, same again, 15 clicks down and the group should be back where you started. Basically it should form a neat square box and if so, means your clicks are true and the scope is positioned correctly. Like this, ish!!

I need to do a seperate blog on my kit which will hopefully be over the weekend, but one thing I want to quickly mention is this nifty little set of bipod sticks I got sent from Moray Outfitting (Cheers Andy!) to try out!! If you have an older rifle or don't like bipods, they fit in your pocket and fold out like a set of shooting sticks. I like them alot and have started using them a lot more while practising. Unfortunately the grass and crops are too long around the farm to use on the bunnies at the moment! If anyone is going to Monmouth I'll have them there.

Also been busy in the workshop and knocked up this rifle rest out of some coated trailer board we had left over at work. It now has some foam to secure the rifle in place but I forgot to take a picture. Can also be adjusted by unscrewing and moving one of the uprights to suit the different length rifles I have!

And knocked up a home made bore guide for my 22-250 out of a bit of 15mm speedfit pipe and a couple of empty shells. Works a treat!!

Now you see why I haven't been blogging!!

Until next time,

Stratts out!!
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  1. RickoShay's Avatar
    Great innovation, well done!
    As for the shooting, what's not to like? You've demonstrated that even cheap ammo shoots well out 100yds, so applying the Principles of Marksmanship (POM) does work. Good luck with DSC.