Day one of the Dsc1 course

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Just a quickie blog as the internet is hit n miss here in thetford forest and it takes forever typing on my phone.

Day one over with and so far the basc run course has been excellent. Great group of guys who are for the most part novices like myself, which is nice. Got a pretty good reaction (to my face anyhow!) about the filming of my assessment and the rifle choice is cut and dried as the FC wont allow me to use any other rifle bary own or the estate rifle. This is owned by the trainer, Trevor Banham, who is a cracking chap and should be spot on.

I put some of what i've learned to good practice tnite with a mooch through the woods nr my campsite and spotted a couple of munties which was nice to see!!

I'll elaborate after my hols as i am camping here this week then moving onto cromer and as you can see my accomodation is five star!!

Stratts out!!

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  1. stratts's Avatar
    See told you it's a pain the photo didn't show up!!

  2. seanct's Avatar
    Good luck mate!
  3. Tarkan's Avatar
    Epic mate-get me a signed photo of Charlie lol can't wait for you to get your cert.....deer stalking in the future I see