Written assessments over with = Success!!

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Well that was just about the most nerve racking day i've had since being at school or the mrs being in labour with my twins!!!

while doing the 2nd day of training yesterday we found out that the written papers were going to be today instead of the last day! Q some frantic last minute revision last night and a nervy morning!!

I found the slide id's tougher than i thought they'd be but when they were reviewed i knew i was ok!! Same with the general questions and there was only a couple i was unsure about! The hygiene were pretty easy and mostly common sense tbh!

So the result is a pass for the written assessments and just the shooting, simulated stalk and filming to go, which i am now really looking forward to.

Til tmoro night,

​Stratts out!!
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  1. seanct's Avatar
    Nice one stratts. How did you get on? Mine nerves are picking up, my dsc starts this Thursday.
  2. sikamalc's Avatar
    Stick with it mate, you will be ok.

    Best wishes

  3. Grand Slam's Avatar
    So far so good pal. You will smash the rest of the assessments. Good Luck