Day 4 of the DSC1 and what a great day!

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I woke with a funny feeling stirring in my tummy which I was to find out later in the day was not nerves at being filmed, but a bit of a bug!!

After arriving at the FC car park I got introduced to Charlie and James from Fieldsports TV and they quickly settled any nerves I did have and got me wired for sound. A very quick chat/interview on camera to introduce meself and then we were off to the range area in the forest for the simulated stalk and the shooting test.

As Charlie couldn't stay for the whole time and there were a few of us to do the tests, I went up 1st for the simulated stalk with Lewis from BASC. Basically we mooched around the woods in a little circuit, spotting the deer shapes and assessing whether they were shootable or not, all the while with Charlie and James following or going ahead to get the camera shots. I was quite cautious with my answers on the shootability of the deer and in the end said no to all of them, as I thought there was a safety aspect to them all. It turned out that I was not the only one who said the same and one fella added that he would have taken only one deer from a highseat!!

I answered all the 10 safety questions no problem and tbh they were all common sense and things you 'should' do when you are shooting, whether it be rabbits or reds!! Once this was done the guys departed, but not before letting me know that as we couldn't film me with the browning as planned, they were going to arrange a stalk for me and use the filming of that and the assessment stuff for the show. Result!!!

After a while waiting around and chatting with the other guys (and finding out that 3 had failed the shooting test!!) it was my turn on the range. An element of doubt crept in because all 3 had used the estate rifle so I was wondering if it was out of zero, but my fears were soon to be quashed! The assessor was not at all surprised that they failed as their attitude on the range was, shall we say, overconfident!!

I got familiar with the rifle and settled down at 100m for the zero test. 1st shot and I knew straight away that I hadn't followed through correctly and was too eager to see where it landed!! Luckily it was just inside the circle and the next two were dead on center after lambasting myself inwardly for a schoolboy error!!

The other 6 shots were bang on the money and it was nice to hear both the assessors commenting about how well I'd shot and that some of the FC rangers couldn't shoot as well!!

As you can see there was nowt wrong with the estate rifle and scope!!

So there you have it, the final chapter in a great week of the DSC1 training and now time for the stalking to commence,

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