just about back on 2 feet :)

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Hi All seems 2013 was not all bad, and i hope 2014 is a lot better.

I am now just about back on 2 feet and with my wee girl doing well with her recent illness (LUPUS) we know it is incurable but Josie is doing well and now im back in a full time job and having sold most things to get bills paid off etc, I have finally got enough to get sorted out with a new stalking rifle,

My new job means that i have to have and hold both a shotgun and a firearms certificate as they are needed in the position as the boss travels a lot and so that means his guns will too, (thats where i come in), so after talking to the boss about wanting to keep stalking when i can etc, I have sold my old 243 and with some help from him and my good lady as well as selling off some ham radio gear I am able to get myself sorted out with a 243 set up.

rings and dies will come later.

thanks to all the lads on here that know me and the wee one, your support has helped immensely.

kind regards and all the very best to you all for 2014.

bobjs (Robert)
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  1. Disco_Richy's Avatar
    Hi Bob

    Stumbled over your for sale thread and thought I'd check your blog for no reason at all ;p

    I assume from Downton Abbey in your location you work south of Newbury at Highclere? what do you do there?

    Sounds like you had a bit of a **** time of it prior to 2013 - hope things are still going better and that your daughter (I assume Josie is your daughter atleast) is doing well.

    All the best