1st closely followed by the 2nd!

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Went out for an hour before last light on friday and re-visited the spot where I took my 1st solo over Xmas. I spotted a decent looking buck on the opposite side of a lake, but unfortunately he was moving away from where I was headed and to get to him meant I would have been up wind, so I decided to head for the same crossing point as before.

On the way down the ride I spotted movement up ahead but it turned out to be a couple of bunnies bobbing around!! Funny how the slightest thing gets the heart rate going when you are out stalking!!

I settled into position with the rifle on the sticks aimed at the crossing and within a couple of minutes there was a downpour of epic proportions driving from the side that only lasted a couple of minutes but was enough to do my head in. I just had enough time to wipe everything down when a doe appeared along the ride tracking towards me. This time I had plenty of time to see if there was a youngster following and she appeared to be alone. Everything went to plan as she mooched right in line with my rifle and presented a textbook broadside shot. With a gentle touch of the set trigger on the ZKK601 down she went to a perfect shot bang on 100 yds away.

A nice healthy doe to kick start 2014 weighing 13.5kg before the gralloch which this time was much less messy and smelly!!



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  1. seanct's Avatar
    Nice one buddy.
    I've yet to do a write up on my last deer even though it was some time back. I'm off stalking this weekend so I will let everyone know how we get on and tell the tale of the lady stalk.