Caught red handed!!

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Me and my bestest mate decided to test out some NV gear we have last night with differing combinations of IR's and a torch I've cobbled together and while we were at it a bunny hopped out from our vantage point 160yds away. Seeing as we were going after a troublesome fox later on, my mate laid his .204 setup with his Photon and T20 torch on the ground and took the bunny out clean as a whistle in total darkness for bait!

After a bit more tinkering we headed off to a friends paddocks where, since the local shoot packed up and has been doing less pest control, he's had more fox's bothering his 50 or so chickens!! We laid the bunny out split open at 80yds from our hidey hole at 8.30pm and waited, with me ready with my 22-250 and NV add on. My mate was spotting with his Yukon while I did the squeeking.

Now I haven't done much foxing so it was a bit trial and error with the calling and with the rain starting to fall we were about to give up. The crunch decision came to give it one last squeek and wait 10 mins which would make it a nice sociable 10.30pm finish. Good job we did, as a fox bombed out of the hedge onto the bunny and went to make off with it. The soggy ground didn't hold the stick in very well that we pegged it down with!!! I was following through the scope hoping it would stop long enough for a shot and gave a shout to try and halt it. All it did was drop the rabbit and head for cover!!

Thinking that was chance gone we cursed our luck but just to see if the bunny was still there I had a quick peek through the scope and luckily just at that moment it re-appeared back on the bunny!! I guess she wasn't giving up a free meal that easily!! This time after a squeek from my mate she held still side on long enough to deliver a perfect engine room shot and down she went.

I tell you something for some reason foxing don't half get the old ticker racing!!

No more evidence required, caught bang to rights m'lord!!! A lovely condition Vixen which is headed to my sister's zoo as they want the pelt to do a display board for the kids that visit,


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