Getting the kids involved & 1st deer shot in the DMG

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We had our 1st DMG outing of the year today and it turned out to be a good one for me. I was allocated my highseat on a ride a good walk from the entrance to the wood which gave me a shot left and right down the ride and with a clearing behind should anything be rummaging around. I was seated and comfy by 7.30am and as these are public woods that have to be closed, last shot is 9.30am which keeps the enemy happy as I'm home by 10.30am latest.

It was a bit drizzly to start but soon cleared and bang on 8am a nice looking Munty buck crossed the ride to my right about 60 yards away. As I'm a righty I had the rifle across my legs pointing the wrong way so needed to swing it round and get into a decent steady position. Luckily for me he was in no rush but as I brought the rifle up and looked through the scope it was all dark!! I'd forgotten to take off the lens caps when it stopped raining!! I flipped them up and when I got set again he had started mooching on, so I gave him a squeak and he stopped, looked my way and presented a perfect broadside shot which I took and he dropped on the spot!! It was a good job I got this one as he was the only one I saw.

So why the hat-trick?

1st deer for me in the DMG and in these woods.
1st solo deer shot from a highseat.
1st solo Muntjac buck. And he was quite a nice fellow too.

When I got him home and showed my boys, Josh asked if he could take the head to school for his show and tell!! I was going to mount the skull anyway but it seems that'll have to wait until he's done with it. Should be interesting to hear the teachers comments at parents evening!!

Me and my mate then got the boys involved in building our 1st highseat on my own bit of ground this afternoon, which was fun and they can't wait til it's finished so they can sit up there with me. We'll just be observing & taking pictures for starters as they are still a bit young but already I see the future and I can't wait!!



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