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Afternoon All,

Firstly let me issue a few words of gratitude to all the people on SD who have made it possible for me to take the DSC-1; i am so grateful for the opportunity and i am really looking forward to beginning to learn all about stalking and deer management.

Here begins my blog which will catalogue, as JAYB put it, "my epic journey" to becoming a more experienced deer stalker. I'm filled with excitement and anticipation and I'm really looking forward to hearing from the BASC regarding the booking of the course. At the moment I am very busy writing my dissertation but come the summer I will have plenty of time to learn all of the material for the course so I hope you are all ready for several months of blog updates before you get to the end of the story. In terms of putting my best foot forward I have made a booking with Prometheus from the SD for a day's stalking in February which I am really looking forward to; I'm not sure he is ready for me to data-mine his experience and knowledge but I'm filled with novice questions.

I would really like to once again thank everybody involved in providing me with this phenomenal opportunity. I shall certainly be maintaining these blog entries to keep you all updated on my progress and because I think photos make a blog more interesting I shall leave you with this picture of a squirrel as I don't have any pictures cataloguing my DSC-1 journey just yet.
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All the best,


PS: Sorry for the terrible squirrel pun; I study Ancient and Medieval History.
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  1. sikamalc's Avatar
    Good luck, enjoy the journey and keep us posted on your progress. Let me know if you need any help.

  2. ERM's Avatar
    Thank you very much!
  3. SimpleSimon's Avatar
    Good luck ERM from a fellow bursar.
  4. JAYB's Avatar
    Any more of those bloody squirrel jokes and I shall want the cheque back!

    Enjoy the course ED you will learn a lot.

  5. joed's Avatar
    Good luck!