A start...DSC1 my progress

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Having been accepted on the scheme I thought it best to start from the beginning, I'm sure there is a song in the sound of music which advises this to be the best course of action.

A very little bit about me as I don't want to bore;

Grew up on tales from my Grandpa, his shooting at Bisley, Deer stalking, rabbit shooting, he was a real countryman. I was in awe, but unfortunately led a town based life where my main interests were rugby!! I always wanted to get outside and do those things I heard about through my Grandad. Well when I was old enough to make my own decisions...27, I finally started the process of getting out to the countryside. I'm now here and am getting my head stuck into all aspects of shooting and general wood chopping and oil boilers and muddy roads and poor internet speeds.

Anyhow - today I am making a journey over to Monmouth and District Rifle Club. I felt it best, to join a club where I would probably get some great support during this process. Having been there before as a guest, having met some of the members and having seen the events organised by them, being recorded on here I feel this is a wise decision.

I missed a call from BASC the other day, I'm sure to organise my course, it's now up to me to follow that up again.

To do list;

Speak to BASC
Paperwork for variation
Organise some stalking (possibly)
Hopefully complete my course

In no particular order!

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  1. SimpleSimon's Avatar
    Good luck Joe.