A little bit of a weight off my mind

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So I am back from my trip to the range. It took me longer than expected as I had to stop off at the shops to resupply the Mrs and then found out I didn't take my wallet out with me, typical.

My trip to the club was very beneficial. I found I was the only one out bar Mike, we had a good chat, he talked me through some basic club information and gave me some reading material to borrow to help me on my way.

Mike spent most of the time we were there talking me through the various shooting positions and helping me build up my confidence shooting off sticks. We used my .17hmr for the majority of the shooting and right at the end, Mike let me have three shots standing off the sticks on his .308.

After a not too great outing recently my confidence on using sticks was a bit knocked, but this session helped me loads.

A big thank you to Mike - so variation to go in soon and plenty more practice along with reading needed.

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