My sponsored DSC1 and route to stalking PLUS puppy diary

Swatting up

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Hi all,
Not much to report on the progress front just now. My forms are with BASC, and I've yet to hear anything back regarding my chosen course date. These things take time, of course, but I can't help feeling a growing anticipation for the day my joining instructions and training pack arrive.
In the meantime all other systems are go for the launch of my progress into stalking. I've had a lot of useful advice here (my thanks to all those doing the advising!) and also acquired a couple of useful books which I am now gleaning useful information from in preparation.
The first is "Deer" by Norma Chapman. Whilst not directly a stalking book it's packed with info about all 6 species and I've found it really interesting, not to mention educational just to dip in and out at random. The author has a nice light-hearted style and really imparts the knowledge that seems to have come from many years' experience. I'm sure it will prove useful, as I said it's definitely interesting even if none of it turns out to be relevant (although I'm sure a lot of it will turn out very relevant).
The second is Sporting Rifles by Bruce Potts, which my wife (with a little hinting) bought me for Valentine's day. It's not overly romantic but even as somebody with limited shooting experience I can see this is a quality read. There's information on everything from quarry species to advanced reloading and ballistics data. I can see this book becoming a favourite, as the content covers everything from my current novice level right the way through. Definitely recommended.
In other news we found out this week that the work relocation my wife was hoping for won't be happening. That's disappointing as it would have meant moving to a place that's very special to me, but on the plus side it means I'm able to join the local(ish) target rifle club my in-laws are part of.
Nobody in the club is into stalking as far as I know, but at least I should have a chance to get used to handling rifles again before my DSC1 comes up. It's an indoor range, so distances will be a fair bit condensed and it'll have to be either .22 or down-loaded big stuff, but working on stances and technique with the club guns will up my confidence for the all-important shooting test.
That will be some more form-filling to do for club application, but I don't mind too much. Good practice for the eventual FAC application! I'm also informed that I won't have to pay the full annual membership until I pass probation, which is a bonus and should calm the Mrs. down as she seems to think me starting to shoot and stalk will bankrupt us!
I will of course be back to tell as soon as I have a confirmed date for DSC1. I'm also probably about to make some "Monkey Sticks" some time next week, so maybe I'll do a blog on that for anyone who's curious to see how easy it is for somebody with no idea. The instructions seem fairly fool proof at any rate. Then I'll see about getting some shots off them before too long with the club's rifles.
Cheers folks!
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