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Well folks, it's here! After some polite chasing up, followed by a second round of polite-but-slightly-miffed chasing up, my course materials and information pack arrived today, confirming (subject to enough other participants booking) my place on BASC's April course in Staffordshire.
And what a pack!
This is an inch and a half thickness of A4, packed with a frankly mind-boggling array of facts, figures, pictures, questions, answers and even some "additional notes". I think this impressive stack of paper will have to become my bedtime, lunchbreak and toilet reading of choice if I want to remember more than 50% of it in the next four and a half weeks. No pressure then. Oh, and to top that off the wife and I are about to take up the lease on our new home and set a move-in date of mid April. And I shall probably have to find a new job soon before or after that. Needless to say I hadn't anticipated being quite so busy next month as I'm now due to be, but still, I like a challenge and boredom is a killer!
That's all for now, here comes the hard work!
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  1. AN DU RU FOX's Avatar
    well done simon youve done the hard bit ,getting the guts up to do it, atb doug,
  2. SimpleSimon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX
    well done simon youve done the hard bit ,getting the guts up to do it, atb doug,
    Cheers Doug. Not long now!