My sponsored DSC1 and route to stalking PLUS puppy diary

Two weeks to go!

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That's right, only two weeks to go until my DSC1. How did it come around so fast?!
Fortunately I've made the training manual my bedtime reading for the last week or so, and much of it seems to be sticking. I can't answer all of the questions without seeing yhe options, but lots of them I can and some of them the options just confirm what I already thought. My main difficulty is remembering the bloody seasons for the different species and locations, but there's time for that.
One thing I didn't manage to make any time for was the shooting tuition/practice I'd hoped I might, so I'll be winging it on the shooting test, perhaps with my home made dowel sticks. I hope the course staff are patient coaches!
I suppose the only other part I can't really prepare for is the simulated stalk, but I'm sure everything I need to know is in the manual or covered on the course itself.
I'll keep the updates coming and let you all know if I do manage to memorise the seasons and other random facts.
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  1. AN DU RU FOX's Avatar
    i think you will do very well, your more level headed than me ,i would be doing wall of death runs around the bedroom,