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No DSC, but a productive day

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Well folks, you might remember today was originally supposed to be the first day of my bursary DSC1course. Unfortunately the course was cancelled, but having the time already booked off work I thought I'd do something worthwhile and stalking related.
So, I set about making my first ever set of sticks. I'll admit, I've never shot off sticks before, but with a basic grasp of the general idea I got stuck in. Starting with two 240 cm pine dowels I measured them to about my eyebrow heightand cut them down.
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Next up, I thought the ends would sit a bit better on the floor and look at bit nicer if made the ends a little more rounded. A trip to the father-in-law's shed and I took the edges off the top and bottom. The bottom I made slightly more "pointy" and the top just a little rounded.

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Next up, that unfinished pine looked ok, but a bit unnatural in our British woodlands. So I tested out a variety of stains. I wanted something quite dark that would blend well in natural woodland, but also for purely aesthetic reasons I wanted the grain visible and a nice rich finish. Father-in-law to the rescue again, he has an array of different stains already.

I tried them out on the offcuts.

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And eeventually decided on a mix of Brown Mahogany (dark, but not too black) and Golden Oak (a lovely rich tone).
Two very quick coats and then left in the sun to for a bit. Next I applied boiled linseed oil to finish, which really seemed to highlight the difference in the grain colour. They're still drying, but they look a little something like this:

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Not too bad from a man with no real idea! When they're dry I'll link them with some elastic cord (already tested the principles) and bind some ordinary cord around the top to prevent slapping and protect my (theoretical!) rifle.
I haven't a clue if they'll be effective, but I had fun!
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  1. AN DU RU FOX's Avatar
    nearly there simon,atb doug,
  2. Uncle Buck's Avatar
    Well done they look the business Simon.

    Atb Buck.