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So after the simulated stalking and tests completed we moved off to a different piece of ground for a real stalk.
It was a bit early, so we sat in the truck, waiting, just in case. We saw plenty of mice and lots of rabbits, but no deer. We chewed the fat and Barry told me numerous stories. We discussed topics that often come up on the forum and generally had a good chinwag...something we both seem quite good at

As the day wore on, we set out for a foot stalk - this is where I need to improve, I move too quickly and I don't glass enough, but hey ho, that's what I was there for, to learn!!

We had a good walk and saw plenty of slots and other signs of deer. Barry stopped us mid walk and asked if I had heard running, I hadn't admittedly, but we stopped and looked long and hard in the trees and there it was....about 200ft away moving from left to right was the body of what I think was a roe. Unfortunately the fleeting glimpse didn't allow me any sort of positive ID let alone the possibility of a shot. We moved to the left to more open ground hoping it would emerge from the cover, but alas.

Off we went again, this was where we came across the most distracting thing of the day.... a runner, with his dog! They weren't supposed to be there, they were off the footpath, despite signs put up explaining that shooting takes place in the woods and that the public are to stay on the footpaths. Barry at this point asked him to not go where he was about to go as not only what he not supposed to, but it would also seriously disrupt our stalk. The runner did enquire if we were shooting deer, which we responded to state the obvious. His response was classic "there isn't any deer here, I have been here for years and never seen one" He obviously misses the slots in the mud, which are both plentiful and fresh and also he is running around with a dog!!! No surprises!

What annoys me, is that we are expected to abide by all the laws, guidelines, be aware of the boundaries and footpaths, but we cannot account for the general public who do what they like. What we he have done, had he ran round the corner as we were lined up for a shot in his direction!!

Well nothing came of the stalk, which to an extent could be considered disappointing to some, but as an avid fisherman I explained to Barry, these are the sort of things that I am used to and is part and parcel of the sport.

Barry has kindly asked me to return next week to try and get a beast to grass so we can complete the rest of the experience.

To sum up. Barry is a top bloke, he knows his stuff, has the right manner to take out new stalkers, there is no pressure, it was a very informative and enjoyable day out. Perfect for someone new to stalking. My advice - if you want to go out for your first time, I couldn't recommend this more.
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  1. SimpleSimon's Avatar
    Very interesting, good to hear you enjoyed and learned. I nearly went on one of Barry's introductions, I might still look him up for a normal outing at some point.
  2. AN DU RU FOX's Avatar
    very well done joed nice to hear recomendations ,when i first joined he offered to take me on the same sim/and stalk i wasnt ready then but i still have his details so when i get more confidence i think i will give it a go,
  3. joed's Avatar
    I would say do it. Barry will look after you.