close but no cigar

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Barry has been too good to me. He took me out again tonight, last day for the fallow bucks.

After recent frustrations with stalks we tried a new approach on some different land. This land has been covered by trail cams so Barry was pretty sure he knew where they would come out.

We parked up the truck over looking the likely spot and sat it out

We saw some hares prancing about, which was great to see closer up and at one point as the light faded I saw movement which turned out to be a labrador, thankfully a way away from where we were shooting.

Then a bit later with the sun down something moved to our right, low and behold, three fallow were moving across the field.

Adrenaline kicks in, out I slide, fleece off, Down to a t-shirt (it was quite cold) crawling around in the nettles trying to settle in for a shooting position. Barry was a tad more composed and got me a replacement fleece and a scarf to cover my bounce!

Anyhow the fallow has dissapeared into a dip in the field and as the light went away so did my chances...then suddenly I caught sight of movement to my left, low and behold another fallow had exited the wood and was feeding under the tree by the trail cam.

Safety off, cross hairs lined up, I was a whisper, a heartbeat a squeeze away, I could do it there and then, but alas I couldn't identify it. I couldn't tell if it was a buck, with no antlers and nothing clear down below and light well and truly gone, the safety was replaced and the chance was gone.

Thanks again to Barry for getting me in the right place, helping me out and teaching me a lot even in the short time I have known him. Also thanks to Phil who has given up his time to take me out.

If you are reading this and are around herefordshire/monmouthshire way and are new to stalking and want to gain some experience, contact Barry (Elmer Fudd) you won't regret it. Top bloke.
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  1. AN DU RU FOX's Avatar
    what a bummer never mind ,i think barry will sort you out and the pleasure will be even greater atb doug
  2. ELMER FUDD's Avatar
    I know your a big lad and the adrenaline must have been pumping through your body keeping you warm in just a tee shirt but lying down amongst them nettles must have been stinging a bit.
    I haven't checked the camera yet but everything was pointing at it being one of them young bucks that had been coming out in front of the camera, pity the deer didn't come a tad closer so we could check it out better but I will check the camera on the weekend and all will be revealed.
    Hopefully you will take Howards free offer up and you will definitely have something to celebrate and a carcass for the fridge. Barry