DSC Tomorrow

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Firstly I would like to apologise for not updating this more regularly recently. I have literally just finished my final year university exams and got my housemates to change my password to SD so I had no reason not to revise.
Having tackled those exams over the last two weeks it is straight in to the first day of the DSC 1 tomorrow. Im looking forward to it immensely, i has been something to look forward to and has been the light at the end of the really unpleasant university tunnel. Ill update this tomorrow and every evening with what has gone on through the day and ill try and make it as interesting as possible for everyone.
Just another massive thank you to everyone who was involved with offering this opportunity to all of us on the bursary program. I just hope in a few years i will be in a position to be able to put something back into the stalking community.


  1. SimpleSimon's Avatar
    Best of luck mate, I expect all the inside info when you get back