My sponsored DSC1 and route to stalking PLUS puppy diary

Puppy diary, volume 3

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Hi all,
What a magic little pup!
Over the past couple of days we've been getting her used to her crate. At first she'd barely even go in there, and would whine like mad when I shut the door even with us still in the room. I took to luring her in with her favourite penguin toy and letting her back out before she started complaining.

Next, I started picking her up and putting her in there when she was getting sleepy and shutting her in. By the end of Sunday afternoon she would happily sit in there and play with a toy with someone in the room, and tolerate us leaving for a few minutes. Going on advice I was given I let her whine herself bored and then as soon as she was quiet for a few sseconds I'd go back in the room. Then when I came back and she stayed calm I'd let her out.
On Saturday night she slept in the crate in our bedroom and had a couple of whinges now and again. I put her to bed at about midnight and took her out for "weewees" at about half past 4. Sunday night she slept in our room again, no fuss this time and she went from 11:30 til about 5. Last night was her first night downstairs in the crate and she didn't make a peep. I put her in there at 11:30 and set my alarm for 5. I came down stairs and she was just sat there nice and calm looking at me. Perfect. I opened the crate and she ran straight to the back door and waited to go outside.

Every time I feed her, I try and get the wife to keep her attention while I sort out the food, then I pip-pip-pip-pip-pip the whistle and she comes running. She comes pretty reliably from the garden, other rooms in the house and even when she's playing. I give her a treat probably 2 out of 5 Times and just a lot of fuss or a toy to munch the other 3. She sometimes gets a bit confused on her way and will occasionally run past me and then stop and come back, or if I'm near her she'll look at me for a second before she comes charging. To be honest I didn't even expect her to be coming to the whistle so well yet. She also sits, although excitement will get the better of her often and she's nowhere near as quick catching on as with the recall whistle.

If you'd told me the first few days would be this easy, I'd never have believed you! She seems almost to have been pre-programmed. I just make sure I only do one or two repetitions of anything (except fetch games, she loves that enough for about 5 goes), and do a bit of everything every time she's awake.
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