My sponsored DSC1 and route to stalking PLUS puppy diary

Puppy diary, volume 4

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Hi all,
Poppy is 10 weeks old today. She's come on so much (in good ways and bad) in the past two weeks. She's much more confident now and actually getting quite bold and inquisitive. Of course that means she's no longer quite so meek and quiet, and has become prone to bouts of crazy puppy play where it's impossible to calm her down or really do much with her at all. It gets quite frustrating standing out in the rain while your dinner burns because the pup would rather run around and bite the shrubs than do the poo you know she needs!
At night she still sleeps in her cage downstairs, and has not once made a mess or weed in there. She's normally quiet all night, but sometimes she'll wake me up a bit earlier in the morning, and run straight to the back door to be let out. Last night she wouldn't settle in her cage, so I turned off the light and she took herself off to the corner where she likes to sleep by my feet on a scrap of vetbed. I left her there, with paper down by the door and resolved to get up early (earlier than usual!) and see how she got on. Not great, I came down to find her waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs (on the other side of a gate i installed when she discovered she could get up but not back down our steep cottage stairs). Thinking she must be waiting to go outside and what a good girl she was, I stepped out to find a warm poo on the kitchen floor and a mini flood on the paper. Oh well, early days, back in the cage tonight.
She's starting to get the idea of getting attention when she needs to go out during the day, although she does occasionally get caught short and make puddles with no warning at all.
She loves to fetch and carry things around, I don't think I'll have any trouble with that. She's a little sniffer as well, and looks just like a tiny pointer (that really distinctive gait) when she's following a scent. I'm picking up some skin and feet soon (thanks Wayne Davis) to familiarise her with deer, and see if she'll follow the scent of a dragged piece of skin. I can't wait until she's had her second jabs so we can go beyond our small garden, but of course it's baby steps to start off anyway and while she's small enough for the garden to seem big we'll do what we can.
Cheers folks!
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