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Puppy diary, volume 7. Sick puppy

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Hi all,
At 12 weeks old my pup has just had her first non-routine trip to the vet. On Saturday afternoon she had a bout of diarrhoea. Really watery horrible stuff. The same happened Saturday night, but she was completely fine in herself and eating as well as ever, so I thought little of it, knowing how easily puppies get upset guts. By first thing Sunday she was producing normal, slightly soft stools and still happy and hungry, so thinking she was probably better we took her out (see volume 5 for our adventures!)
Sunday afternoon she threw up, wolfed it back down before I could blink and went merrily back to chasing butterflies. I fed her a normal dinner, which she didn't manage to keep down, and then she went in for a big sleep. I left her sleeping it off and when she woke up I fed her half a normal meal, which she kept down fine. She woke me up whining at 1am this morning, so knowing she'd been ill and had her toilet rhythm messed around I got up and took her outside, where she had more diarrhoea, although not ad nasty as before. I fed her another small meal and put her back to bed. This morning I got up early like always and she was chirpy and happy, so I fed her a normal meal (which she ate somewhat reluctantly) and bundled her off to work with the wife.
By 9am she was vomiting repeatedly and showing no interest in eating it. Wife took the advice of a dog owning colleague and fed her a handful of rice and fish, which she kept down, then phoned me so I said take her to the vet.
The vet said that she couldn't feel any obstructions, but that it was obviously painful for her to touch the pup's stomach. She gave her anti-sickness, antibiotics and a rehydration injection, said her temperature was fine and told the wife either take her home and go back tomorrow, or leave her overnight. We opted to bring her home, not wanting to stress her out with unfamiliar surroundings on top of illness. Wife has fed her some more rice and fish, which she apparently ate with gusto and says she's had a more normal poo.
Fingers crossed she's doing ok. Call me sentimentall but I do worry about her and she's such a bright little pup normally.