Hilltop Heritage - Antler Lighting and Wrought Iron Products

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I am pleased to say after many months of work behind the scenes putting together my new business venture it is finally now up and running. The Stalking Directory was my preferred platform to launch my range of antler chandeliers and quality wrought iron work.

Having been involved in producing bespoke wrought iron products now for many years, I had always held an interest to produce some goods that involved my passion for Deer stalking and indeed field sports in general.

I was fortunate enough to travel across a number of American States last year with my Son on a motorhome touring holiday, one place I happened to chance on was Jackson Hole Wyoming renowned for its Antler art and crafts. Whilst there I had the privilege & pleasure of meeting some of the incredibly talented craftsmen and women producing Antler art and furniture. I had hoped to bring back home a souvenir of their craft, however unfortunately due to import regulations surrounding animal bi-products, it was simply not feasible nor economically viable to do so.

However having been inspired, by now I was truly bitten by the bug. Following my return home I decided to produce my own variants of Antler lighting, likewise incorporating my love of wrought iron. I believe the partnership of both Antler and crafted iron brings more practicality and a more unique end product.

I have since produced a number of bespoke variations, for both myself, family and a number of like minded friends.

Having now taken the plunge with my new business Hilltop Heritage, hopefully these designs will now be received well by fellow enthusiasts of whom Iím sure likewise will have have also admired such work. Enthusiasts perhaps looking for a unique one off piece, something that outside the USA there is surprisingly limited availability.

Assuring you of my best intentions, I would be happy to answer any questions or provide any further information.

Any feedback be it positive or otherwise is also most welcome.

Best Regards,
Steve Hill - Hilltop Heritage
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