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Two months to go, out comes the manual

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Hi all,
Time has marched on steadily since the cancellation of my first DSC1 booking all the way back in April, and now all being well it'll be two months today that I can proudly say I've completed it.
So, it's been back out with the manual and every other resource I can find for more learning and rrevising. I've taken to Google image searching "British deer" and then trying to identify the species in each result, as I was starting to memorise the answers on the training material I've got. The trouble is I can't always find out whether or not I was right.
The rest of it I've found a lot has just accidentally been learned anyway, through other books and reading on this site. For example when the different species rut, the antler cycles, etc I've picked up from here without really meaning to learn them. Good stuff!
The only things likely to give me trouble now are the hygiene questions and other facts and figures type information. Nothing for it but bedtime reading with the manual, I suppose. As for the shooting test I'm a lot more confident now that I do have some centerfire rifle.experience under my belt and won't be going in totally blind. Fingers crossed for my birthday stalk with Elmer Fudd later this month, hopefully I'll have the chance to gain a bit more!
I'll keep you posted as the course approaches, but to be honest it's just a case of me reading, reading some more and 're-reading the manual.
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