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I must first off start by apologising, I should have posted more blogs by now...from here on in I'll try to be more regular!!

Well, a lot has happened in a few months. I have become a father for the first time, a gorgeous baby daughter, we have named her Flora - this has put paid to most of my shooting opportunities but still she is worth it (and it won't be forever)

I mainly thought I should post as I have finally completed my DSC1 results pending.

I took this over two weekends at Eridge Park Tonbridge Wells, I will sum up my experience below.

The course was organised by BASC and run by Andy Papworth. The group was a good mix, with a variety of levels of experience and as would be expected a similar sense of humour.

The first weekend was based in the classroom, a series of lectures covering the majority of the areas you are expected to be tested on - interjected with stories, discussions, debates and questions - all questions were well answered, debates mediated, stories well told and discussions open for all. It was a really insightful weekend, I drove home and when I got in I was mentally shattered, it was a lot to take in.

We were advised by Andy not to just go home and forget about everything, but to continue to revise and check our knowledge. I did this and was glad I did.

I have to admit the most challenging part for me was the deer identification, I had to keep on checking and testing myself, it's funny how regularly you look at deer and they just start looking the same.

The second weekend was the testing - perhaps what everyone worries about. The shooting test and simulated stalk/safety were on the Saturday, with all the tests on the Sunday.

When we finally got called to the range, I was first - now I have to admit I am not a bad shot, I was confident that I could pass this and have gone through the course more than a few times in practice. My zeoring target was poor and my confidence went, my rifle wasn't shooting accurately - I had the option of the Estate rifle and had signed the relevant paperwork and so switched over to that.

9 shots later and I was at the bottom of the range shaking hands with Andy. I have to admit that was a welcome handshake!! I went on to pass the simulated stalk and relevant safety questions and demonstrations ( I think)

By the time we had finished it was dark and off we went back to the room to get ourselves off for the night.

Sunday came quickly, we started with a demonstrated gralloch, a young fallow buck Andy had shot that morning - that was really insightful, going through a full inspection was something that I found really useful.

We then finished off the remaining lectures and completed the Deer ident and Hygiene and general questions.

What can I say, well I await my results, hopefully this will cap off what has been a really eventful year for me.

The course was exceptionally well ran - Andy was a great source of knowledge, nothing gives you more confidence in a trainer than one that can answer all the questions, deliver a lecture in a way that is easy to understand and is more than willing to put extra time in after the end to help those out who have nagging doubts about one thing or another.

Now all I need to do is stalk a day soon I hope!!
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  1. SimpleSimon's Avatar
    Well done, ffingers crossed for you but I'm sure you'll have passed. What was the simulated stalk like?
    Still not managed to do mine and it looks like my only option for next year is Scotland(!) unless BASC are planning on adding more dates south of the border. Otherwise it's time to find a cheap B+B!
  2. joed's Avatar
    The simulated stalk was straightforward, just had to apply all the safety aspects you would normally consider. The non shootable deer were so obvious I don't know why I had a split second or two double take when a deer placed in a safe position was presented.

    I have to admit, I have been on some courses where you almost just turn up to get a qualification. I put a fair bit into my dsc1, I wouldn't class it as a hard course to pass if you put the work in (like anything I guess) it is however suitably testing and I think worthwhile