My sponsored DSC1 and route to stalking PLUS puppy diary

Third time lucky sponsored DSC1

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Hi all,
Well, here's the latest installment in my DSC1 sponsorship journey. After the excitement last year of being given one of the SD's brilliant sponsored DSC1 course places, I suffered the disappointment of two cancellations, both due to undersubscription at my chosen venue.
I've been waiting since my second cancellation for BASC to update the website with some courses, fearing at one point that a trip to Scotland might be the only way (not that I don't like Scotland, but it's rather a long way!). Anyway, I received confirmation today that my course has been booked. Late April in Cirencester
I've yet to decide whether I'll drive down each day or look for somewhere to stay, but no matter, it was the closest and in a nice enough part of the world.
Whilst it's a shame I've had to wait so long, I do feel a little more confident and knowledgeable (ONLY a little, I expect a lot of stalkers have forgotten more than I have learnt) as I've had a chance to get out stalking on a few occasions, mostly through generous site members although I have saved up my pennies and paid for a couple of stalks too. Two dead deer and a few more "armed walks" have at least given some context to a lot of the theory in the course manual.
There's also the exciting possibility thay I may now be able to use my own rifle for the course, as long as my local police are at least averagely quick with applications and don't try it on telling me I need DSC1 first.
So! Time to blow the dust off the manual and get learning again!